September 14th, 2021

How Streaming Brands Can Win With Mobile Game Advertising

Mobile Game Ads Streaming Brands


Even as the new normal comes into view, streaming services continue to follow their upward trajectory. Beyond guaranteeing that we’ve got some great TV and movies in our future, this trend points to an increasingly hot competition among the platforms. 

To better understand how streaming brands can give themselves an advantage against the competition, we surveyed 21,921 US consumers via MobileVoice® by Tapjoy. This blog post reviews our core findings, including:

Let’s go! 

How consumers view their entertainment options in 2021

How do consumer entertainment preferences stack up since the pandemic? Between streaming and cable services, 58% of consumers use streaming more often. 30% subscribe to both but use streaming more. While 28% of consumers use streaming exclusively, while just 6% of respondents were cable only. 

It looks like streaming platforms have also impacted consumers’ desire to go to the movies. 45% told us whether a streaming service had access to theatrical movie releases or not influenced their decision to see the film. Although 69% said they enjoy watching major films in the theaters, the same percentage enjoyed original films produced by streaming services. 

When deciding among shorter-form content, is the frontrunner again. Original TV shows on streaming networks are preferred by 39% of consumers. Network TV shows are a distant second at 25%, closely followed by YouTube videos (20%) and cable TV shows (16%).  

Why there’s still plenty of room for growth in streaming

Streaming services are one of the most used platforms for video entertainment, and our research indicates that there’s even more room for growth. 80% of consumers say they spend at least two hours streaming TV per day, and 73% say the primary way they watch TV is via an internet connection. In addition, 55% of respondents signed up for a new streaming service in the last year, and 60% are considering taking on another subscription now. Finally, 40% told us that they’d be adding even more subscriptions over the next two years. 

For marketers, all these findings point to one thing: a massive opportunity to connect consumers to streaming services they’ll love.

How to use mobile game advertising to come out ahead in the streaming wars

With the streaming wars hotter than ever, brands need new ways to reach and attract the attention of audiences. Mobile gaming has emerged as a powerful channel for boosting consumer awareness of new entertainment: reach in mobile games has the same impact as social media and youtube with 2 billion monthly active mobile users worldwide compared to facebook with 2.7 billion users and instagram with 1.2 billion users. TV ads are top of the podium for entertainment exposure channels, influencing 41% of consumers who encounter the ads. YouTube, social media, and mobile gaming ads are all locked in a close battle for the runner-up spot, as they influence 34%, 33%, and 30% respectively. In addition, our data reveals that 86% of respondents play mobile games while watching TV, and 45% have watched a video ad for a new TV show or movie while playing mobile games.

In short, to open up new channels for exposure and reach a bigger audience, streaming brands should consider advertising their movies and shows through mobile games. 

Our research also revealed how marketers could shape their ad creative to suit audience preferences in 2021. User-initiated video were the most compelling category for 50% of consumers, while gamified or interactive ads were the top for 38%. According to respondents, the least engaging ad type was full-screen ads that load over content: with only 14% of user preference. Finally, the rewarded model is a perfect pairing with entertainment ads, as 61% of consumers said they would watch a movie or TV show trailer in exchange for a virtual reward.

Getting started with mobile game advertising 

There’s still enormous room for growth in streaming, so the competition to capture consumer attention is only going to increase over the coming years. The brands that win the streaming wars will embrace new approaches to connect with their potential audiences. Of those strategies, mobile game advertising has become a clear frontrunner.

If you’re thinking about giving mobile game advertising a shot, now is the ideal time to start. Tapjoy offers risk-free performance pricing, meaning you can only win from an engagement with us. Get in touch to learn more or start a test.

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