9 Mobile Demand Side Platform Companies to Watch

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Choosing a mobile demand side platform helps app marketers gain high-value inventory from the programmatic ecosystem.

Programmatic advertising is an essential tool for digital marketers to use in order to maximize ROAS. It is also very complex and changes rapidly. The best demand side platforms will connect you to app publishers directly and provide access to high-quality consumers. A strong mobile demand side platform is the key to unlocking the potential of programmatic advertising and real-time bidding.

To that end, let’s take a closer look at the top DSP programmatic advertising options in today’s market.

What is a mobile demand side platform?

To understand a mobile advertising demand side platform, one must first understand the digital advertising supply chain. This space is filled with diverse ad networks, exchanges, and DSP programmatic platforms which distribute ad inventory and creative. Most of these services complete transactions through real-time automated bids, with the secondary option of direct deals for exclusive inventory.

A mobile demand side platform is an interface that grants access to the supply chain so advertisers can purchase inventory at scale. They act as intermediaries between the media buyers looking to promote their products and app publishers who wish to monetize their ad placements. For advertisers, a mobile DSP platform streamlines the inventory buying process and provides tools for managing creative and measuring performance.
For more information on DSPs, take a look at “What is a Demand Side Platform?

How can advertisers tap into the DSP ecosystem?

Programmatic ad deals begin when publishers list their inventory on partner networks and exchanges using a supply side platform. A mobile demand side platform will then review these listings for placements that meet advertiser prerequisites, such as target audience or budgeted ad spend. Once a DSP makes a winning bid, it notifies a data management platform to deploy ad creative for an end user.
This arrangement is simple in theory but immensely complex at a regional or global scale. A single demand side platform manages millions of bid requests at a minimum every day. Offering a streamlined interface and measurement is the only way DSPs optimize bids so advertisers can gain the highest return on ad spend.

9 mobile DSP companies to watch

In today’s programmatic marketplace, DSP companies differentiate themselves in various ways. Some have advanced measurement tools, others provide state-of-the-art targeting algorithms, while a few offer exclusive access to high-value inventory. Here are some examples of the top mobile DSPs in the programmatic space and the features they provide:


Aarki is a real-time bidding demand side platform integrated with all major global exchanges, granting access to inventory from around the world. It partners with mobile developers to deliver performance to advertisers at scale across the entire marketing cycle, from acquisition to re-engagement.

Aarki stands out within the mobile marketing ecosystem in two regards. First, it offers dynamic creative optimization tools to personalize ad placements in real-time. Second, Aarki’s machine learning algorithms are capable of forecasting optimal acquisition prices based on in-app events.

Display & Video 360

Display & Video 360, or DV360, is Google’s demand side platform. It offers a full suite of media planning, creative development, and end-to-end campaign management tools. Along with its automated bidding and optimization capabilities, DV360 has two primary benefits — it leverages Google’s tech stack and is compatible with a wide array of ad products. Those features make it an excellent resource for creating workflows across multiple ad solutions, letting advertisers focus on inventory and audience insights.


Liftoff is a full-service app marketing and retargeting platform that uses post-install data to manage CPA-optimized ad campaigns. It leverages machine learning capabilities, lookalike audience targeting, and a database of over three billion mobile profiles to acquire the right users within an advertiser’s target CPA.

Liftoff currently serves one billion daily ad impressions across a 100% programmatic ecosystem that includes major real-time exchanges and ad networks. As an additional benefit, Liftoff guarantees it will only work with reputable supply partners who offer direct SDK-sourced traffic or exclusive inventory access.


Mintegral is a modern ad solution that aims to bridge the gaps in cross-regional mobile marketing platforms. To that end, it provides access to a high-quality global traffic network powered by direct partnerships and third-party programmatic channels. — including over 20 global ad exchanges. Mintegral manages 96 billion daily bid requests and over 1.4 billion impressions thanks to multi-dimensional targeting techniques that leverage demographics, audience interest, user behavior, and more.


Moloco’s demand side platform aims to facilitate inventory buying and advertiser growth at any scale. To achieve this goal, it offers Moloco Cloud, a cloud-based ad solution that leverages first-party and contextual data from the programmatic ecosystem. Moloco uses proprietary machine learning technology to power a broad range of features, including user acquisition, mobile retargeting, programmatic campaigns, and more. Moloco is rated among the Top 10 of Appsflyer’s Performance Index for these efforts, even ranking as the #1 DSP in North America in 2019.

Mopub (Now AppLovin MAX)
MoPub was known for its real-time bidding exchange, but its acquisition of Crossfire landed it in the mobile DSP category. The mobile-only demand side platform, branded Mopub Acquire, lends data-visualized campaign insights to the programmatic ecosystem.

Naturally, Mopub Acquire is fully integrated with the MoPub marketplace, but it goes a step further by letting advertisers integrate their first-party performance data via custom API. It also includes a dedicated advertiser dashboard for managing both campaign metrics and in-depth audience insights across multiple exchanges.

In January of 2022, Mopub was acquired by AppLovin. Its full suite of capabilities is now being rolled into AppLovin MAX. Feature integrations are timelined through April of 2022.


Pangle is a demand side platform and advertising service that specializes in mobile ad solutions. Along with its programmatic access, it uses state-of-the-art ad technology to benefit a range of user acquisition and app monetization services. Pangle helps advertisers connect to leading global ad networks and specializes in exclusive TikTok for Business ad inventory.


Founded in 2017, Unicorn is the biggest automated marketing platform for mobile apps in Japan. Today, it is integrated with leading ad exchanges and SSPs at both domestic and global levels.

Unicorn’s algorithms analyze SSP inventory against 100 unique factors — including placement data, creative elements, and audience environments — to forecast and automatically offer a winning bid. Between its two core experiences, Unicorn manages 600 billion monthly bids and forecasts 500,000 impressions per second.


WebEye is one of Asia’s largest publishing companies and offers a suite of advertising solutions for mobile apps and games. Its live data platform, TaurusX, connects advertisers with one billion people in over 200 countries to achieve domestic or international growth goals. WebEye’s AI-powered algorithms assist all partners with their objectives, from helping developers monetize apps to ensuring advertisers target their ideal customers.

Where Tapjoy fits in

While a mobile demand side platform will give you access to the programmatic ecosystem, the Tapjoy Programmatic Marketplace ensures you’ll find the highest-quality inventory. We are partnered with all of the platforms mentioned above, so once an advertiser finds the best mobile DSP for their needs, Tapjoy can immediately connect them with targeted audiences across 20K apps.
Contact us today to find out more about how Tapjoy can deliver premium inventory.

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