April 11th, 2019

Mobile Ad Mediation – What Developers Need To Know

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Mobile ad mediation is an app monetization solution that allows developers and publishers to manage multiple ad networks through a single SDK. These solutions also often consolidate revenue reporting and engagement metrics into a single dashboard instead of requiring monetization managers to merge data manually. Many offer custom reporting options which let publishers analyze CTRs, eCPMs, and response times by platform, region, or app category. This lets them optimize ad bidding, fill ad requests, and effectively monetize as many users as possible.

Mediation platforms work very similarly to standard networks, with a few key differences. Every time an app triggers an ad request, pertinent app and device information is forwarded to the mediation platform. In the case of automated mediation solutions, the platform calculates which ad source has the highest CPM, processes the request, and sends an ad directly to the user. Through this process, developers benefit from the increased likelihood of being able to deliver more impressions in response to their ad requests and achieve higher overall revenue by leveraging the resources of multiple networks at once.

Optimize ads at a lower cost

The ability to simultaneously connect with a wide range of ad networks is hugely beneficial. With a single integration, many developers find it easier to unlock new bids and monetize larger audiences. They’re able to keep overhead down and preserve their engineering cycles for product updates and other more pressing initiatives.

Mobile apps that rely on a single network often struggle to fill ad requests due to the fact that not all ad networks are able to provide 100% global fill rates. Leveraging multiple networks increases the likelihood of engaging with all users through a global ecosystem of ad networks. Rather than manage ad traffic across multiple platforms, a single SDK can source ads by region. This allows publishers to quickly scale monetization efforts, freeing them up to focus on localized efforts for international customers.

Perhaps even more importantly, mediation opens the door to increasing ad revenue with partners who offer incremental revenue plans and are more willing to compete with each other, leading to better rates for publishers.

Meet audience needs and cut down on SDK bloat

While each ad network offers a similar core service, their individual features can be quite different. Some might specialize in video ads, while others focus on playables, rich media interstitials, or other mobile formats. Ad mediation solutions optimize each network’s offerings within a single dashboard, helping publishers focus on formats that engage their chosen audience. Where available, some solutions give publishers control over which formats to deliver and when.

Managing ad networks through a single platform isn’t just convenient — it can also increase performance. Integrating multiple SDKs at once creates an effect called “SDK bloat”, which has the potential to slow down app performance, degrade the user experience, or even prevent builds. In the past, this forced developers to choose between decreased performance or reduced eCPM. Mobile ad mediation SDKs can help bypass this issue by connecting apps with multiple networks simultaneously.

Automate or go manual

With many mobile ad mediation SDK, developers are free to choose between automatic optimization and manual waterfall management. Automatic optimization can minimize the time spent manually adjusting monetization strategies, and can help save smaller teams time. Alternatively, monetization managers can also handle things manually in the event that they have preexisting business relationships with specific ad networks or prefer a more hands-on approach. Most mediation platforms are purposefully-designed to automatically handle assigned tasks with limited input from team members. For small studios that can’t always afford a dedicated monetization manager, it can be a valuable source of time and resource savings.

Ready to get started with mobile ad mediation?

Tapjoy has recently acquired Tapdaq, a leading mobile ad mediation and monetization platform, to offer mobile publishers an even more powerful suite of ad monetization solutions. Check out our blog post to learn more!

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