Maximum Impact Report — Tips to Maximize Offerwall Revenue During the Holidays

Tapjoy’s latest Maximum Impact Report explores the unique benefits of offerwall monetization and details six actionable best practices that every developer can take to optimize ad revenue during the holidays.

Tapjoy’s Maximum Impact Report series is dedicated to exploring monetization best practices that help freemium app developers maximize revenue while providing the best possible experience for their users. In our latest edition, we take an in-depth look at one of the most tried-and-true methods of freemium monetization: the offerwall.

An offerwall is quite literally a “wall” of offers that are presented inside an app, allowing users to scroll through and select their choice of rewarded ads to complete in exchange for virtual currency or other in-app rewards. It has remained a mainstay form of app monetization since the early days of freemium simply because the value exchange model works so well for both advertisers and users, and it is a natural complement to an app’s existing gameplay.

While rewarded video has become increasingly popular due to its low friction nature, there are a number of compelling reasons why app developers should consider whether offerwall is a good fit for their game. In the report, we explore a few of the unique benefits of offerwall monetization, including how it can help developers unlock higher ad revenue potential, drive a lift in IAP (in-app purchases), and empower user choice and boost engagement.

In addition, we explore six key strategies that publishers can employ to boost offerwall conversion and ensure that they leave no money on the table this holiday season:

#1: Use Rewards to Drive Engagement
We take a look at a few ways that developers can drive offerwall engagement by complementing the gameplay and making it an appealing part of the user experience.

#2: Employ Smart Segmentation and Targeting
Just as you would test and refine any other element of your game, ad monetization should be treated with the same level of scrutiny. We review a few of the common ways that developers typically segment their audience to optimize the ad experience.

#3: Run a Currency Sale
Currency sales are limited time promotions that offer users the chance to earn more virtual currency than usual for every ad they engage with. In a study of 60 iOS and Android apps, currency sales were shown to drive a 45% lift in average earnings per user. We explore how developers can use currency sales to their advantage, including a look at how PONOS’ hit app, Battle Cats, used this feature to drive a 4x increase in revenue, followed by a sustained lift of 89%.

#4: Experiment with Permanent Currency Sales
Tapjoy’s new Offerwall Plus feature allows developers to take the impact of currency sales to the next level: By implementing a Permanent Currency Sale, developers can define and implement a rules-based currency sale that targets a specific user group or groups on an ongoing basis. We explore a few examples of how Tapjoy clients can use Permanent Currency Sales to achieve specific goals for their app, such as incentivizing user loyalty, shortening time to first conversion, or re-engaging offerwall “churners”.

#5: Customize Your Offerwall for the Holidays
Tapjoy’s Offerwall Plus makes it easy for developers to customize the look and feel of their offerwall for any season, promotion or occasion. We explore the features that developers can easily access through the Tapjoy dashboard to customize their offerwall for the holidays and beyond.

#6: Explore Custom Exchange Rates
New for Offerwall Plus! Tapjoy’s Custom Exchange Rate feature allows publishers to set different levels of rewards for different user groups in exchange for their ad view or offer completion. We explore how developers can use custom exchange rates to encourage ongoing user engagement as users progress through the game, without causing currency inflation by raising payouts across the board.

There’s no time like the present to ensure that your ad monetization strategies are optimized for the weeks ahead: According to recent research conducted by Tapjoy, about 80% of mobile gamers anticipate that they will play more often this holiday season, with about a third expecting to play an additional 3 or more hours per day. This makes the holidays a critical time for gaming developers ensure that they are taking advantage of spikes in traffic to effectively monetize users.

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