May 23rd, 2017

Maximum Impact Report Part III: Interstitial ads & app retention

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According to new findings from Tapjoy’s latest Maximum Impact Report, full screen interstitial (FSI) ads have a dramatic impact on user retention rates. Users that engaged with just one full screen interstitial during their first week demonstrated a 30-day retention rate that was 300% greater than the average. In addition, ad engagement demonstrated a strong correlation with retention, with the average user retention rate gradually increasing with each additional FSI engagement.

Full screen interstitial ads are just what they sound like — an ad that appears during natural break points in the app experience and take up a device’s entire screen. With Tapjoy, developers have full control over the placement of FSI ads and can insert them wherever they feel is appropriate.

To find out more about how different types of ad integrations affect app retention, download the full Maximum Impact Report here.


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