March 3rd, 2015

Introducing The All New Tapjoy

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Today marks an important milestone for us here at Tapjoy. You might have noticed some changes to our website and messaging, or you may have read the news in publications like VentureBeat, [a]list daily, PocketGamer and others. In a nutshell, we are launching an entirely new type of platform, one that not only transforms our own company, but has the potential to transform the entire freemium app industry.

Tapjoy’s Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform is designed to help app developers optimize the lifetime value for each and every one of their users by providing a new level of sophistication to their monetization and engagement efforts. Using an advanced analytics framework to predict the future value of individual users, Tapjoy can now help app developers determine which action to take to drive engagement and revenue from every app user…whether that is an IAP promotion, advertising offer or engagement message that will have the most impact for each user. Our platform delivers targeted campaigns to individual users instantly and automatically.

The platform includes features such as:

Predictive and Actionable Analytics that enable developers to know, and take action against, the future value of every user. Tapjoy’s Future Value Map makes deep segmentation and real-time analytics actionable so developers can serve a nearly infinite variety of marketing actions that drive lifetime value. Marketing Automation tools that instantly deliver contextually relevant messages to engage spenders, or deliver rewarded advertisements to the users that will never spend. Real-time IAP and Ad-based Monetization are now available to developers from a single data set, in one platform. With Tapjoy, developers no longer need to integrate a variety of single point solutions and can focus on one SDK for all of their analytics, marketing automation and ad-monetization needs.

Our new platform marks the first time developers have had access to these tools in a unified and integrated solution. Most freemium app developers struggle to monetize their user base effectively. Less than 5% of their users pay for in-app content, and there has been no single-point solution to help developers wring maximum revenue from those payers while simultaneously optimizing value from the other 95%. Until now.

With our new Marketing Automation Platform, Tapjoy can help developers perform highly complex data-driven tasks, including:

Offer a discount on virtual currency sales to users who have previously paid or are likely to pay based on their in-app behaviors Serve rewarded advertisements to users who are not likely to pay but will happily engage with ads in exchange for virtual access to premium content Use in-app messages and push notifications to announce new features and app updates that help drive engagement and session frequency Cross-promote other apps in their portfolio to users who show characteristics indicating they are likely to churn soon.

Based on a single, unified data set, our platform has the intelligence to know which type of offer or message will be most effective for each and every user. And it does it all at scale across your entire user base, all in real-time.

It’s the culmination of our integration with the 5Rocks analytics and automation platform we acquired last summer, and we couldn’t be more excited to make it available to app developers worldwide, as of today.

The feedback and results from our beta program have been spectacular, and we can’t wait to hear from more developers as they integrate.

Welcome to the future of app engagement and monetization…Welcome to the new Tapjoy!


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