February 23rd, 2017

Introducing Offerwall Plus, The Next Generation Of Offerwalls

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Tapjoy pioneered the mobile offerwall in 2010, when we ported our industry-leading monetization unit from Facebook and the web to iOS (and soon to follow, Android). We have continued to refine our mobile offerwall ever since then, iterating on its design, usability and effectiveness to ensure the best possible experience for users and the highest possible monetization for developers.

Today, however, marks a giant leap forward for the Tapjoy Offerwall, with the launch of an all new version we are calling Offerwall Plus. Now available for all mobile app developers through the Tapjoy SDK, Offerwall Plus features an improved user flow, new developer customization capabilities, an enhanced graphical interface, and more.

For those who aren’t familiar with it already, an offerwall is quite literally a “wall” of offers that are presented inside an app, allowing consumers to scroll through and find their choice of rewarded advertising offers to complete in exchange for virtual currency or other in-app rewards. Tapjoy’s offerwall has historically provided the widest variety of ad types, ranging from videos and surveys to discounts and app downloads, from the most well known brands.

Offerwall Plus now delivers:

New Customization Abilities: Developers can now make the Offerwall appear native to their app by completely customizing its look and feel. A top header section can be added with whatever color, text and image the developer chooses. The Offerwall’s color scheme can be altered with just a few clicks on the Tapjoy dashboard to feature a practically limitless variety of options. And alongside each offer, where it indicates how much currency a user stands to earn, an app’s currency icon can be used instead of text.

Offer Instructions & Dismissal Overlay: When a user taps on an offer, the instructions for how to complete the offer are now presented in an overlay instead of rendering a new page. When the overlay is dismissed, the user is taken back to exactly where they were in the Offerwall. Offerwall Plus will not re-render like the old Offerwall, providing a faster and improved user experience.

Full-Screen Message: Developers now have the option of presenting a full-screen message prior to the Offerwall appearing, enabling the developer to insert any type of message they’d like, such as notifying users of rewards or promoting special events. The transition from this splash page to the Offerwall can be customized so that it occurs by tapping, swiping up, or simply after five seconds. This page also acts as filler content while Offerwall is prerendering, making the load time feel instant.

No engineering work is required by existing Tapjoy developers to integrate Offerwall Plus. It can simply be turned on through the Tapjoy dashboard. New developers interested in adding Offerwall Plus to their apps can create an account and download the Tapjoy SDK at www.tapjoy.com.


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