August 3rd, 2021

Introducing MobileVoice® by Tapjoy: Market Research for the Mobile Era



By Travis Anderson: Senior Director, Business Development at Tapjoy

In 1959, Volkswagen changed advertising forever by telling us to “think small.” Apple changed the game again in 1997 when it told us to “think different.” Now, in a post-internet, post-coronavirus world, it’s time to rethink marketing all over again. We’ve learned to tune out the catchy jingles, the gimmicks, and the subliminal messaging. Almost half a century after advertising’s first golden age, brands are challenged to relate to consumers through storytelling, relevance, and authenticity. 

Consumer empowerment is driving the shift. Today’s consumers hold both brands and the technology they use every day to high standards. They expect products, positioning, and policies to align with their values and their lifestyles. This is even more true among younger consumers. For example, our own market research shows that…

  • Gen Z values meaningful and humorous ad content: funny videos, shareable memes, and support of important social and environmental issues
  • Gen Z and Millennials appreciate the creativity of Instagram ads — 37% of Zoomers and 30% of Millennials associate Insta with quality advertising
  • Millennials tend to block or ignore intrusive marketing but they’re receptive to ads with a value exchange (like rewarded ads) or those that are relevant to their interests

These shifting attitudes, combined with an influx of challenger brands, create a competitive landscape that businesses need to understand in order to evolve alongside their future customers. Brands that connect with consumers on their own terms will prove to be the winners. To make that happen, you not only need quality data, but also a consumer-first mindset.

This is where traditional market research companies fall short. Most make at least one of these three big mistakes:

  1. Survey models neglect the consumer experience
  2. Mobile takes a backseat due to an over-investment in legacy technology
  3. Panels are made up of the wrong audience

Overall, it’s clear that motivations are often misaligned between research firms, brands, and the consumers themselves. This misalignment leads to fraud and inauthenticity. As a result, consumers’ voices often go unheard.
That’s why we created MobileVoice® by Tapjoy, a market research solution where opinionated consumers finally have a voice. Built from the ground up for the mobile era, MobileVoice® aligns high-quality data and a consumer-first approach, avoiding the shortcomings of traditional market research companies. I’m thrilled to announce its official launch today!

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What is MobileVoice®?
A natural next step
What makes it different
Is MobileVoice® right for you?
Why now?

What is MobileVoice®?

MobileVoice® gives researchers direct access to consumers through the mobile games they love. According to App Annie, users spent 296 billion hours playing mobile games in 2020, a 35% increase on 2019’s 222 billion hours. Mobile games have officially gone mainstream, and we’re here to bridge the gap.

A natural next step

We’ve been in mobile gaming from the beginning, and as mobile usage surged, our network has seen some amazing growth. Our role has always been to forge positive connections between brands and consumers. The launch of MobileVoice® is both an exciting crossroads and a natural next step. Our goal is to revolutionize the market research industry by engaging consumers in a rewarded, mobile environment.

Over the past 14 years, we’ve built and secured partnerships with nearly 2,000 of the industry’s premium app publishers — leading to an extensive network of more than 11,000+ of the highest-rated and top-grossing apps. In that time, our reach and scale have been tested. And now both are available for market research.

What makes it different

Today, we have a panel of more than 50 million consumers across 113 countries. Already, the MobileVoice® network sees 200K survey starts each day. Crucially, our audience is made up of mobile-first consumers — a demographic that more accurately represents the mainstream mode of content consumption. These high-quality users often can’t be recruited by traditional panels that still rely on desktop, in-person focus groups, and mail surveys.

mobilevoice vs traditional market research firms

MobileVoice® uses a unique business model that benefits both the researcher and the consumer. It allows researchers to decide how much they would like to pay (or bid) for each response; a higher bid means that users will receive a greater amount of virtual currency to use in their game. Because of this rewarded model, consumers are highly motivated to share their opinions. However, the rewards are strictly virtual, making this bidding format more affordable than the fixed pay-per-response model.

MobileVoice® also streamlines the entire experience, providing a one-stop-shop for all of your market research needs. Brands no longer have to separate research from growth — you can plug your survey data into the advertising side of our platform, seamlessly switching gears from market research to marketing without having to consult with additional research companies.

Is MobileVoice® right for you?

We designedMobileVoice® with our different types of customers in mind. We wanted to create a space where our existing customers can enhance their experience with a level of access they’ve never had before.

  • For market research firms: You have the flexibility to run custom-built surveys through a homegrown solution and scale your insights via API.
  • For brands and mobile game market researchers: Every consumer in our network is also a mobile gamer. Use MobileVoice® to uncover new gaming audiences and learn what features, themes, and monetization strategies they find most appealing.
  • For consumers: MobileVoice® engages consumers more directly in the market research process and enhances their mobile experience. We even offer partial rewards for respondents who are disqualified during profiling. Long term, our solution will also include a loyalty program to keep consumers engaged.

Why now?

It’s no secret that 2020 radically shifted social and economic structures. Even now, a year later, things are still in flux. More than ever, brands should listen to the consumers they serve. Our hope for MobileVoice® is that it can act as an equalizing force, helping to ensure that we’re all a part of shaping the market of the future. Right now, brands should be actively shifting practices and investing where it counts. Mobile consumers are more than ready to tell you how to make your greatest impact.





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