Important News About iOS 10 & Tapjoy

Apple is updating their “Limit Ad Tracking” feature and deprecating “Persistent Data” with the upcoming iOS 10, which will include a number of changes that significantly impact the Tapjoy integration. This update will affect your app analytics, revenue and Tapjoy managed currency so it is imperative that you update to the latest Tapjoy SDK in order to maintain the integrity of your data.

What is iOS “Limit Ad Tracking”?

With the release of iOS 10 (coming this Fall), when a user enables “Limit Ad Tracking,” the OS will send along the advertising identifier with a new value of “00000000–0000–0000–0000–000000000000.”. With the previous iOS versions, we were still getting a unique IDFA per every user that has enabled Limit Ad Tracking and could use the ID for frequency capping, attribution, conversion events, estimating the number of unique users, advertising fraud detection, and debugging. But that’s no longer the case since the new value of 0s will effectively anonymizes all activity from users with the setting turned on. The number of users who have enabled “Limit Ad Tracking” on iOS 9 is estimated to be 10–15% of iPhone users.

Deprecation of iOS “Persistent Data Sharing”

iOS10 no longer supports this data sharing method. This is what Tapjoy uses to store conversion rewards for TJ Managed Currencies in SDK 11.7.0 and below.

Impact of Limit Ad Tracking on iOS 10 for Tapjoy Partners:


  • Issue: This feature will block user data and there will be a decrease in all the metrics (DAU, new users, events).
  • Solution: Download Tapjoy SDK 11.8 and your data won’t be impacted.

Tapjoy managed currency:

  • Issue: An incorrect reward amount will be shown to the users because of the deprecation of iOS .
  • Solution: Tapjoy SDK 11.8 will allow us to show messages to the users to educate them to disable Limit Ad Tracking to continue to earn currency.


  • Issue: All ads are blocked to those users so you won’t be able to monetize those users (both User Initiated and Interstitial Ads).
  • Solution: Tapjoy SDK 11.8 will allow us to alert these users that by enabling the “Limit Ad Tracking” feature on their device, they are not able to capitalize on the rewards from Tapjoy. Target the new “0” Ad ID value using Tapjoy IDFA Upload and serve a targeted in-app message to encourage them to disable Limit Ad Tracking in order to continue earning virtual currencies via Tapjoy. Even before the iOS 10 release, it’s ideal to start showing your users in-app messages to educate them to opt out of Limit Ad Tracking.

Tapjoy Beta SDK 11.8: download here

Given these changes, it is imperative that you update to the latest Tapjoy SDK in order to avoid these issues. Tapjoy Beta SDK 11.8 is available for you to download and integrate (link). Everything is work in progress based on the latest beta version of iOS 10 that’s available. We are committed to react as quickly as we can to any additional beta iOS 10 versions. What we have put together should provide foundational direction for our partners.

Tapjoy Webinar

To make the transition easier for our partners, we had a webinar on 9/1/2016. Jeff Drobick, the Chief Product Officer at Tapjoy, was there to walk everyone through the iOS changes, impact, and our recommendations. In case you missed it, we recorded the webinar for you.

Additional Resources:

  • iOS 10 Changes: link
  • iOS 10 Upgrade Checklist: link
  • SDK 11.8 Release Notes: link

In the meantime, please reach out to your AM for more information or email us at

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