How to Best Leverage the Holiday Install Rush

[:en]Each year, the holiday season brings with it an onslaught of consumption — from eating and drinking to media viewing and gift shopping. Why should mobile app installs be any exception? Like many other consumer behaviors, app installs surge during the holiday season.

There are specific times during the holiday season when consumers are historically most active, and we’ve seen that the marketers that understand and leverage these key times are able to capitalize on these surges and have the most success. There’s no other time of year when timing is more crucial.

To help you make the most of this holiday season, we’ve analyzed data from more than 20 million installs across our platform during November, December, and January of last year to provide clear insights and recommendations for the key times in Q4 you should leverage in order to maximize the impact of your UA campaigns.

When Are the Biggest Spikes?

The biggest spike of the 2015 holiday season happened over Thanksgiving Weekend (the four-day weekend from Black Friday to Cyber Monday). Consumers on the Tapjoy platform downloaded 51 percent more apps during this time than they did on an average day from November through January.

App Installs On Tapjoy’s Global Platform

Nov — Jan 2015

The busiest day of the season’s biggest weekend for app installs was Saturday, November 27th, which came in 61 percent higher than the daily average during the holiday season.

The second-largest spike of the season came on January 2nd, which was 37 percent higher than the daily average, followed by Christmas Eve at 36 percent higher than average. So while Christmas Day and New Year’s Day themselves were relatively quiet, the day before Christmas and the day after New Year’s were critically important days for app marketers.

It’s worth noting that there were also spikes on December 5th and 6th, which came in 28 percent and 24 percent higher, respectively, than average. It goes to show that while some spikes can be predicted and planned for, app marketers should also be ready for a surge in installs during any time of the holiday season by keeping the pedal to the metal of their campaigns.

Platform Differences

It’s important to note that the spikes in install activity are more pronounced on iOS than they are on Android.

On iOS, the most active day of the holiday season — Christmas Eve — is 289 percent higher than the lowest day, November 3rd. Install activity is steadier throughout the holiday season on the Google platform. The margin between the highest day of the season on Android — the Saturday after Thanksgiving — and the lowest day of the season — November 5th — was 111 percent.

The two graphs below illustrate install activity on both Android and iOS for November — January. Note that the peaks and valleys are much more pronounced on iOS (the second graph) than Android.

Android Install Activity On Tapjoy’s Global Platform

Nov — Jan 2015

iOS Install Activity Across Tapjoy’s Global Platform

Nov — Jan 2015

Actionable Insights & Recommendations

1. Target Days with High Activity

Tip: Increase ad spend on days when install activity is particularly high, such as Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas time (December 24–27), and the first few days of the new year.

2. Tie Campaigns to Holiday Themes

Relevance is key: consider using Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s language and images to make an impact on consumers.

3. Drive Engagement On Busy Days

The busiest days for install activity are also busy days for app usage. Leverage these days to run engagement and monetization campaigns to ensure you are capitalizing on this influx in activity.

Ready to get started? Our consultants have years of experience designing strategies specifically for the holiday season to ensure you are making the most of these key times. Contact to get started. [:]

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