How Nokia Used Rewarded Rich Media to Reach the Most Engaged Consumers

In mobile advertising brands often have to determine whether their campaign is best suited for branding awareness or direct response, and rarely are they able do both at the same time. eMarketer expects that it will take until 2017 before the ad dollars will be split equally between branding and direct response.

However, the results of a recent campaign that Nokia ran showed that not only were they able to drive more clicks and completed video views than usual, but the campaign also delivered a 68% lift in brand awareness. This was a result of Nokia running their campaign with Tapjoy Rich Media, the largest rewarded rich media platform.

As one of our key launch partners, Nokia ran a rich media campaign for their new Lumia 925 across the Tapjoy platform. The objective of the campaign was to deliver an engaging experience that increased awareness of the new Lumia 925, while at the same time encouraging consumers to learn more about their exciting new smartphone.

One of the things that makes this campaign stand out was that Nokia embraced the rewarded model to reach the most engaged consumers. Tapjoy offers a double opt-in model where consumers not only choose to interact with an ad, but they then choose which ad to engage with, so Nokia knew up front they would be showing their ad to engaged consumers. In addition, because Tapjoy’s advertisers only pay when users complete an ad engagement, there’s really no risk and no wasted impressions.

Consumer Engagement

Users who went to the Tapjoy Marketplace from within their app were able to choose to watch the Lumia 925 video. At the end of that video, they were rewarded with the in-app currency they were seeking. Once the video was over, they were able to browse through an image gallery or visit the Nokia website to learn more. The user was rewarded for watching the video, and continued to engage with the Rich Media ad unit to learn more about the product all on their own, even without a reward. The engagement with the non-rewarded secondary actions was where the results really start to shine!

Exceeding Industry Benchmarks

For this specific campaign, Tapjoy drove more than 96,000 clicks and 70,000 completed video views for Nokia, which equates to an outstanding conversion rate of 73%, a big boost from the rich media industry standard of 46% (according to Celtra). On average, users spent 39 seconds watching Nokia’s video ad and up to 17 seconds swiping through a carousel of images of the Lumia 925. That is almost a full minute of overall engagement with the ad, where the the industry benchmark is about 13 seconds. These outstanding engagement results clearly show that for Nokia, Rewarded Rich Media was an effective way to get consumers to engage with their ad.

We then took a deeper look and partnered with comScore to find additional results for the Nokia campaign that further proved that running their rich media ad on a rewarded platform was effective against their goals of both brand awareness and connecting with their consumers at a deeper level. The results clearly shows that the ads were not only effective, but created a significant increase in their core metrics, including:

· 68% lift in brand awareness

· 109% lift in ad recall

· 154% increase in message recall

Clearly, Tapjoy Rich Media works and is helping advertisers create a seamless brand experience that drives awareness AND engagement. Connecting with consumers who intend to interact with an ad and, more importantly, choose the specific brand is an incredible way to form a deeper relationship with your customer.

For brands that are looking for a way to capitalize on the tremendous opportunity in mobile, and connect with consumers in a way that will increase brand affinity as well as purchase intent, rewarded rich media has become an incredible tool to achieve those goals.

To see more on this Nokia Case study or learn more about Tapjoy and our rich media offerings, contact us today!

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