December 12th, 2019

How To Successfully Run Your First In-App Test Campaigns

First In-App Test


It’s no secret: Customer acquisition costs are rising. To combat this trend, marketers have begun to diversify their growth strategies by exploring emerging channels. Mobile in-app should be at the top of that list because it’s comparatively low risk, thanks to the industry’s emphasis on performance pricing. In this post, we’ll show you the best place to start.

Mobile in-app is a massive untapped opportunity. The Tapjoy network now includes over 1B active users worldwide, and our latest surveys indicate that 70% of these users are actively looking for new brands — direct-to-consumer brands, in particular. Over the last decade, we’ve honed our growth marketing expertise and explored new tactics to engage consumers. The best way to quickly assess the value of mobile in-app is with a test. Throughout the process, our team will lend their expertise to help you to maximize every dollar of ad spend.

Ready to get your first mobile in-app campaign going? Follow this three-step process to get started:

  1. Gear up for launch with your mobile strategist
  2. Optimize traffic for quality & scale
  3. Measure & maximize results

Let’s dive in.

Step #1: Gear up for launch with your mobile strategist

Getting set up with Tapjoy is easy, low-cost, and risk-free. From day one, we assign a dedicated mobile strategist to your account. To start, we’ll review your KPIs, including your growth targets and optimal cost-per-sale. The rewarded model, and more specifically, our business model aligns with performance pricing. That means you pay only for completed actions — not impressions or clicks.

It takes just 24 hours to get up and running in our system. Your mobile strategist will be at your side throughout the entire launch process: We’ll help you implement a tracking pixel and identify core apps that align with your target audience. In select cases, such as when age restrictions prevent RON network targeting, we can also help you curate a whitelist of compliant publishers. We always execute optimizations quickly and strategically to minimize wasted ad spend.

Because rewarded ads incentivize immediate engagement, we typically see results within an incredibly short time frame. Rather than waiting weeks to understand the quality of traffic, we can begin to optimize after just a single day. From the get-go, you can test creative formats, experiment with different messaging, or adjust the bid level to maximize performance. Along the way, your mobile strategist will be at your side to provide tailored recommendations and feedback.

Step #2: Optimize traffic for quality & scale

At the start of your first mobile in-app campaign, it’s always advisable to cast a wide net. From there, it’s easy to zero-in on the apps that deliver the best results. Keep in mind that testing is an exploratory process. Because mobile games fall outside the mainstream channels, like social media, you may find that restrictive targeting prevents you from uncovering hidden niches. For example, IPSY, a DTC beauty brand, recently found that by removing female-only targeting from their campaign, they drastically increased conversions.

We always advise optimizing at the app level, rather than filtering by demographic. Our team works hard to ensure that ads only appear in front of people who are a good match for your product or offer. Then, we carefully measure the results and take those learnings to filter low-quality traffic sources out of the mix. We’ll help you refine and optimize quickly, so you can assess whether in-app is viable for your brand based on real market data.

Typically, after a month or so, we identify apps that drive particularly strong results. Once we achieve quality, we can shift gears to maximize volume. We can scale conversions in a variety of ways, such as by increasing the bid or swapping creative. Your mobile strategist will always monitor campaign performance and provide strategic recommendations along the way.

Step #3: Measure & maximize results

To truly understand the value of mobile in-app, you’ll have to take a good look at the data. As mentioned, it’s possible to see results quickly — after just 24 hours — and that’s the ideal moment for initial optimizations. Once your mobile strategist implements these optimizations, it’s time to review the original KPIs you set. Are you hitting your growth goals? Is your average cost-per-sale within your target range? What’s the LTV of these new users? Because you only paid for completed actions, rather than impressions, ROAS ought to be evident from the offset. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to assess the value of your test quickly

To take your campaign to the next level, you can share data on customer quality with your mobile strategist. They can use this information to blacklist sources of poor-quality traffic and double down where performance is strong. Here are a few other tactics to explore at this stage:

  • A/B testing creative and messaging. Once you have a baseline understanding of the apps that align with your target audience, you can experiment with different creative or messaging that may appeal to that specific segment.
  • A/B testing offer instructions. The Tapjoy offerwall provides a built-in A/B testing feature to compare video and gallery instruction formats. For brands that want to showcase product variety, a gallery may be more effective. Meanwhile, for brands that focus on personalization and experience, a video may perform stronger.
  • Increase the promotion value. In the beginning, perhaps you ran a standard “20% off your first month” offer. But now that you’ve optimized your campaign, you could increase that value to 50% and still see positive ROAS.
  • Increase the bid. Once you have a clear idea of where your ad dollar makes an impact, you can experiment with increasing your bid. Raising the bid is the fastest and easiest way to drive volume, once quality is consistent.

Ready to get started?

To execute a successful mobile in-app campaign, look no further than your mobile strategist. They will partner with you and provide valuable, expert insights throughout the entire campaign process. They’ll ensure that you get a complete data set from which to assess performance while minimizing wasted ad spend.

Our team makes testing easy, risk-free, and hassle-free. You’ll see results over an incredibly short period, allowing you to pivot and optimize quickly. We’ll partner closely with you, share our insights and best practices, and help you manage the entire process — so you can focus on your growing your brand. Reach out to our team today to get started!


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