June 18th, 2019

Games Constitute 33% Of All Mobile Downloads, Nearly 75% Of Consumer Spending – App Annie

App Annie Study


Mobile gaming has officially gone mainstream, and a new report from App Annie suggests it’s also quickly becoming a market force to be reckoned with. The new 2019 State of Mobile Games report contains a wealth of insights for advertisers and developers.

Here are just a few of the study’s most compelling findings:

  • Mobile games represent 33% of all mobile downloads worldwide
  • Mobile games constitute 74% of all mobile in-app consumer spending
  • Total mobile consumer spend is 20% higher than PC, console, and handheld gaming platforms combined.
  • Mobile games represent the third most-used app category, with a 30% increase in time spent since 2016.

Users worldwide play roughly two to five games each month, and that number gets even higher in areas with higher smartphone adoption. In the United States, for example, Americans play four or more games per month, and have eight games installed on average. At the same time, emerging smartphone markets are driving an increase in mobile game download rates. Outside of established markets like China or the US, India and Brazil are becoming major gaming centers — a statistic reinforced by Tenjin’s recent hyper-casual report.

One particular insight worth noting is that downloads and consumer spend are directly correlated. Android’s Google Play storefront accounts for 74% of global downloads, while Apple’s App Store represents 64% of global monetization. This suggests that Android devices are ideal for freemium in-app advertising, while Apple devices are well-suited to IAP-based monetization.

Perhaps the most important insight is that mobile gaming isn’t slowing down. Overall engagement is increasing by 10% year-on-year thanks to a growing consumer base and existing gamers who spend more time in-app. The hyper-casual market is one of the most significant drivers of this trend, suggesting there is an opportunity for low-cost games which drive revenue through advertising.

The full App Annie report highlights additional details, including the most popular genres by region and China’s impact on this growing market. Once you’re finished reading, don’t forget to check out Tapjoy’s Modern Mobile Gamer persona ebook for even more insights.



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