September 23rd, 2021

GAME ON: Tapjoy Offerwall Sees eCPMs of $1500+



Research reveals the Offerwall is unfazed by recent tech policy shifts.

For months, the mobile game advertising braced itself for impact: Apple’s revamped App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework was on the horizon, and no one knew how much the demise of the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) would change the game. 

Whilst many in-game monetization channels are still assessing the impact of marketers moving to cohort-based optimization methods, the offerwall has been resilient, and we have the data to prove it. In Q1 of 2021, we surveyed 3,977 gamers and analyzed platform data reaching back into 2019 to see how the ecosystem has adapted to these changes. We’re delighted to report that our industry is as strong as it ever was. Offerwall ARPDAU more than doubled on iOS, eCPMs regularly break the $1500 barrier on Android, and user ad engagement is through the roof on every platform. It turns out that the Offerwall’s lack of reliance on unique identifiers impacted by ATT meant advertisers could rely on the ad unit to perform throughout this challenging period.
In this edition of Game On, we explore some of the most exciting findings from our research. For the full report — which includes a lot that we couldn’t cover here — download the 2021 Ultimate Offerwall Guide.

Offerwall insights for publishers

Welcome to the Multi-Reward era

In early 2020, we launched Multi-Reward CPE to give users a better ad experience and drive engagement. 

While classic, single-event CPE ads are still powerful, we wanted to inspire users to go even deeper into the games they love. So we created Multi-Reward CPE: an ad unit that rewards users at several points along their journey.

The vision for Multi-Reward CPE was to deliver more value to publishers, advertisers, and users — and that’s precisely what the numbers are showing. The popularity of the campaign type has exploded over 2020: Multi-Reward CPE ad spend rocketed up by 420%.

Check out these performance stats

It’s a great time to be a mobile game publisher. Our data revealed that users are as engaged as ever — and the Offerwall is as effective as ever at delivering results. Over 50% of users we surveyed said they spend more than 10 hours a week playing their favorite titles. 

With such an engaged user base, it’s no wonder Offerwall eCPM rates continue to climb. Monetization rates on iOS are up more than 100% since Q1’19 and have remained unaffected through Apple’s ATT rollout. Android monetization continued its climb, too: Rates are now 68% higher than they were in Q2 of 2019. 

Top eCPM rates in the US on Android exceed $1500 and average around $400 across genres. Monetization rates per daily Offerwall user top out at $0.33, with the US average sitting at $0.20.

Offerwall insights for advertisers

Shopping is so in

In late 2020, Offerwalls on iOS games became an online shopping destination. Why? Our ongoing improvements have directly translated to more effective ads for advertisers, revenue growth for publishers, and a better experience for users. 

With the new Shopping Tab, we’re looking to make it even easier for users to discover and complete offers from their favorite brands on the Offerwall. With a design you can tailor to match any game, this major upgrade provides all the features of a modern ecommerce hub.

We’re especially proud of all the new brand real estate the Shopping Tab provides. Users are more likely to engage with brands they know and trust, so we designed this feature to put the pedal to the metal on offer completion rates. 

Shopping on the Offerwall is already doing gangbusters — and it’s only going up from here. 

Rewarded ads + gamers = love

Our survey discovered that rewarded ads are gamers’ favorite ad model. 70% told us they love rewarded ads, and 47% say that rewarded ads are their preferred way to get virtual currency. 

This love affair isn’t hot-and-cold: Gamers and rewarded ads are going steady. 71% of those surveyed complete rewarded ads every week, and 41% complete them every day! 45% told us they’d stop playing a game entirely if its offerwall was removed. All this translates to one of the most effective ads in digital marketing, as 43.3% purchased something they saw in a rewarded ad.  
Of course, we’re big fans of rewarded ads over here, but advertisers have caught the bug as well. If you’re an advertiser looking to take your campaigns to the next level, reach out. Our strategists can have you set up with a risk-free test in no time.

There’s much more where this came from

While we covered some highlights here, our complete report provides a much deeper exploration of this powerful mobile ad unit. The Ultimate Offerwall Guide 2021 is packed with survey findings, trend analysis, and the latest best practices. 

For anyone operating in this space, it’s a must-read. To get it now, just click the link below. 

2021 Ultimate Offerwall Guide
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