November 18th, 2021

GAME ON: How Tapjoy Will Revolutionize In-Game Shopping



Tapjoy Shopping combines the power of value exchange with the ease of an ecommerce platform.

Dom Bracher, Tapjoy VP of Product

The pandemic has propelled retail five years forward. While the eventual dominance of ecommerce was already in the cards, extended homebound living and remote work have made consumers more comfortable than ever with shopping online. 

In response to this acceleration, we’re excited to announce the launch of Tapjoy Shopping: an in-app marketplace that enables consumers to shop from among hundreds of brand retailers and earn rewards in their favorite apps for every purchase. This engaging experience combines the power of Tapjoy’s value exchange model with the ease of ecommerce, creating massive benefits for consumers, brands, and publishers. 

In this edition of Game On, we’re taking a deep dive into Tapjoy Shopping: what it is, why we developed it, how it works, and who it’s for.

What is Tapjoy Shopping?

Tapjoy Shopping is an offerwall marketplace that provides all the features shoppers expect from a modern ecommerce platform. 

Over a decade ago, Tapjoy created the most powerful tool in rewarded advertising: the Offerwall. While the Offerwall supports various promotions, recent data indicates that gamers extensively use the ad unit as a shopping hub. On iOS, for example, publisher shopping earnings on the Offerwall almost doubled in Q4 of 2020:

But this wasn’t a short-lived trend. Consumer demand for shopping has stayed sky-high, prompting us to create a dedicated destination for in-game ecommerce — Tapjoy Shopping. 

Exploring Tapjoy Shopping

We designed Tapjoy Shopping to make in-game shopping fun, easy, and fast. 

After opening the Offerwall, consumers can simply click on the “Shopping” tab to start browsing through thousands of products from brand retailers. To search for a specific offer, consumers can filter by brand, product category, and much more. After clicking on an offer, the consumer can review additional details about the product, the offer, and the reward’s terms and conditions.

Because consumers are more likely to complete offers from brands they love, we wanted to put brands front and center in Tapjoy Shopping. That’s why our design optimizes for brand real estate.

Another feature we’ve added is the ability to tailor the design of Tapjoy Shopping to match any game’s aesthetic, making the experience feel entirely native to whatever app it calls home.

Robust, intuitive, and sleek, Tapjoy Shopping is the ideal solution to meet the rapidly growing demand for in-game shopping. And that is exactly what the consumer response is showing: “My favorite thing about Tapjoy Shopping,” remarked one consumer, “is that the products offered for in-game rewards are things I’m already interested in buying. It’s a win-win!” 

Others praised Tapjoy Shopping’s clean and intuitive UI. “The layout is clean and streamlined. I like seeing pictures of the products as I’m scrolling, as that’s what catches my eye first when shopping,” said one shopper. Another noted that “you can browse just like any other website.”

How Tapjoy Shopping benefits consumers, publishers, and retailers

Now that we’ve covered features and feedback, let’s take a closer look at how Tapjoy Shopping helps consumers, publishers, and brands. 


  • Shopping made fun: Beautiful and engaging, Tapjoy Shopping enhances every aspect of in-game shopping for consumers. The easy-to-use interface makes navigation simple, and the gorgeous design is just plain fun to look at.
  • Faster browsing: Tapjoy Shopping allows consumers to get right to the offers they want. Consumers can use the filter feature to quickly narrow their search, make the best selection possible by easily comparing products, and choose confidently. 
  • Higher offer quality: Tapjoy Shopping encourages brand retailers to create the best offers possible. This is a big-time draw for users, who will increasingly associate the experience with premium retail offers.


  • Revenue boost: Shopping offers have already made up for the revenue mobile publishers lost since Cost Per Engagement app ads were barred from iOS, and Tapjoy Shopping fuels even more earnings growth. 
  • Increased user engagement: Tapjoy Shopping makes the Offerwall even more robust, giving users even fewer reasons to navigate away.
  • Unified experienced: Tapjoy Shopping can match any game design, making the entire user experience seamless. 

Brand retailers

  • More consumer traffic: Tapjoy Shopping’s enhanced shopping experience meets and helps generate demand — increasing the traffic brands can expect to receive from this channel. 
  • Higher quality leads: Tapjoy Shopping drives up average lead quality by concentrating the shopping demand in one place. 
  • Higher completion rates: Easier product discovery, better offers, and beautiful visuals lead to more completed offers. Brand retailers can rest assured that Tapjoy Shopping is going to drive results. 
  • Improved visibility: Putting a premium on brand visibility, Tapjoy Shopping ensures retailers put their best foot forward with consumers. 
  • New audiences: Mobile games are essential attractors of valuable demographics like Gen Z and Millennials, and Tapjoy Shopping makes it easier than ever for brand retailers to engage with them. 

To see how these benefits translate into reality, let’s take a look at an example of Tapjoy Shopping in action.

Ready for the future of in-game shopping?

Gamers expect more out of the mobile ad experience. Games have become another critical window to the broader internet, and consumers want more of those features baked into their favorite games. Tapjoy Shopping delivers on those expectations, providing consumers with a fully realized ecommerce marketplace that boosts revenue for publishers and results for brand retailers. 

If you’re an advertiser or a publisher interested in leveraging the power of Tapjoy Shopping, reach out!

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