May 27th, 2021

GAME ON: May 2021 Update

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Game On with Tapjoy


In early 2020, we launched the Multi-Reward Cost Per Engagement ad format. Now we look at the numbers to understand its growth. 

We’re all glad 2020 is behind us, but on the Tapjoy Product team, we have one milestone worth reflecting on: the launch of Multi-Reward Cost Per Engagement. This new ad unit, which debuted in early 2020, allows users to earn multiple rewards within the one CPE offer, delivering a better experience for users and providing app advertisers with an innovative way to increase deeper funnel engagements. For this installment of Game On, we wanted to take a moment to review the performance of Multi-Reward CPE over the course of last year. 

Last month we discussed Tapjoy’s integration with Apple’s SKAdNetwork and the rollout of iOS 14.5.

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Multi-Reward CPE: By the Numbers

Between January 2020 and December 2020, the number of Multi-Reward offers on the Tapjoy network nearly doubled, growing by 91.8%. From a user perspective, this shift meant that earning opportunities grew exponentially, making more high-value rewards available than ever before. Multi-Reward ad spend increased by over 420% in that same time frame, indicating that advertisers are investing seriously in the format now that its ROI has been proven. At the beginning of the year, Multi-Reward only made up 15.2% of CPE ad spend, but by year’s end that figure ballooned to 62.6%. This trend indicates that app advertisers increasingly opt for Multi-Reward as a way to optimize high-friction CPE campaigns. Here are a few results reported first-hand in case studies:

  • Lilith Games was one of the first Tapjoy partners to test Multi-Reward CPE. The team decided to do so for one of its most successful apps: Rise of Kingdoms. They targeted the completion of level 17 as the root event in the Multi-Reward campaign because this milestone was associated with in-app purchases. As a result, 1.5X more users downloaded the app and entered the funnel, driving D7 ROAS up by 200%.
  • Soon after, the Bagelcode team test drove the Multi-Reward format for their lineup of social casino games.They found the new model was a better match for the down-funnel engagements that correlate to ROAS. The Multi-Reward offer drove a 3.25X increase in IAP revenue in Club Vegas Slots. It also had the add-on effect of improving retention — D30 ROAS increased by 25%.
  • Advertisers also see success with Multi-Reward in non-US geos, as Fundoshi Parade discovered with a campaign for Just Kill Me 3. The UA team had learned from a series of surveys that users enjoy the game’s story. They designed a Multi-Reward campaign that encouraged users to play until they became invested in the storyline. As a result, ROAS became consistent while short and long-term retention improved. The campaign also generated 3X more uses than single-event CPE.

Advertisers aren’t the only ones who benefit from Multi-Reward CPE: Over 2020, publisher earnings from the format grew by 5X. Per-user revenue grew in tandem with total earnings: In January 2020, the average revenue per monthly unique offerwall viewer via Multi-Reward was $0.0312. By December, Multi-Reward ARPMUV had reached $0.1440. 

Throughout the year, CPE was paralleled in growth by CPA, which now comprises 34% of total ad spend, compared to 26.8% in Jan 2020. This is a win for iOS publishers, who also saw continued revenue growth over 2020.

This growth validates our team’s investment. Thanks to the feedback and collaboration of our advertiser and publisher partners, we’re able to extend that investment through ongoing optimizations. For example, last year we released multi-language support to deliver personalized ad creative to users based on their device’s language setting. We currently support 16 languages and can add more on-demand. We followed that up earlier this year with Country Multipliers, which adapt to the relative currency exchange rates for different countries, enabling publishers to optimize revenue on a global scale. 

Tapjoy is excited to see the continued growth of Multi-rewarded CPE throughout 2021!

On the Horizon

Over the next year, we’ll be working hard to give advertisers more autonomy over their campaigns. Our next round of optimizations will focus on improvements to our ROAS reporting, and bringing more actionable insights to our partners. Expect to see updates on these improvements in future installments of Game On!

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Tapjoy Account Manager for additional support.

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