March 24th, 2021

GAME ON: March 2021 Product Updates

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The Tapjoy Offerwall’s new Country Multipliers feature lets publishers easily adjust for different global currency exchange rates.

In last month’s update, we highlighted the advanced funnel metrics now available in the publisher dashboard. This month, we have another big announcement: Tapjoy publishers now have access to Country Multipliers, an advanced feature for improving regional offerwall engagement. Let’s take a closer look at the functionality and benefits.

Custom exchange rates on the Tapjoy Offerwall

It’s a pretty simple relationship: Mobile gamers complete offerwall engagements, publishers receive ad revenue. But users need to feel like they’re getting something worthwhile in exchange for their time and effort. That’s where your virtual currency exchange rate comes in. If one US dollar is equivalent to 10 gems in your game, then chances are a 30 gem reward is pretty enticing. However, financial buying power isn’t the same from country to country. As such, that same 30 gem reward may correlate to less real-world money, due to regional IAP pricing tiers. To accommodate for differences in global currency, Tapjoy has introduced Country Multipliers.

Tapjoy Offerwall currency exchange rates are all in USD, but Country Multipliers adapt to the unique purchasing power and relative currency exchange rates for different countries. App publishers can optimize revenue from a worldwide perspective, achieving maximum value for users while also boosting Offerwall revenue. By turning a fixed currency rate into a variable currency rate in strategic geographic regions, Tapjoy makes it easier to increase app revenue outside of the United States. As Country Multipliers go into widespread effect, Tapjoy has prepared appropriate multipliers for dozens of countries around the world.

How to use Country Multipliers

Publishers can access Country Multipliers by visiting the Tapjoy Dashboard and navigating to their Offerwall placement. From there, select “Country” under the “Exchange Rate” section.

From there, they can set different exchange rates for countries where their app is deployed. Tapjoy has prepared appropriate multipliers for dozens of countries around the world. Publishers can add multiple countries to one row, or add multiple rows with multiple countries by clicking “+Add Country Group.” Settings can be modified or deleted at any time.

Beta tests show strong results

Ludia, one of our beta partners, used Country Multipliers to boost regional offerwall engagement in its Jurassic World: The Game. It increased the offerwall currency exchange rate by 3X for Russian users, and as a result, the app increased its ad-based ARPDUV by 77%. The app also saw a 34% increase in average offer conversion rate and a 105% increase in daily ad-based earnings. Ludia then scaled the optimization across  more apps and saw similar increases in Germany, Brazil and other countries. 

If you have any questions about Country Multipliers, or any of our other new innovations, simply access the robust tooltips by hovering your cursor over the question mark icons within the publisher dashboard. As always, feel free to reach out to your Tapjoy Account Manager for additional support.

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