March 17th, 2022

GAME ON: GDC Edition

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Announcing self service bid management and ROAS reporting for CPE and Multi-Reward CPE advertisers

Dom Bracher, Tapjoy VP of Product

We’re thrilled to be heading to GDC in person again. In honor of the event, we’re giving you a peek into the product roadmap for 2022 and highlighting some of the new features we’ve already rolled out this year. From a redesigned and personalized Offerwall interface to a new dashboard features for our advertisers, we expect this to be one of our biggest years yet. Keep reading for more!

In our last update, we gave a rundown of the best GAME ON updates from 2021. Check it out here!

New ways to boost offerwall monetization and LTV New features to improve advertiser ROAS

Once users successfully enter the Offerwall, the task is to find ways to keep them engaged and drive maximum ad revenue. We’ve got two new features coming designed to do just that. 

The Offerwall is the most efficient way for performance advertisers to acquire boost user and customer acquisition on mobile. Over the coming months, we are releasing a number of features that will enable deeper optimization to help drive even better results.

In Beta: Self-service bid management & ROAS reporting for CPE & Multi-Reward CPE campaigns

Advertisers running CPE and Multi-Reward CPE campaigns are now able to manage their bid values directly via the Tapjoy dashboard. Bid values can be adjusted on a per publisher app and per multi reward event basis, with values being editable via the dashboard interface or CSV.

In addition to the bid management functionality, advertisers also now have access to return on ad spend (ROAS) reporting. To use this feature, advertisers must ensure they have configured their attribution partner to share IAP revenue with Tapjoy. Once set up, ROAS data will be displayed within the Tapjoy dashboard as shown below.

Both of these features are currently available in a closed beta. For more information and to gain access, please contact your Tapjoy account manager.

Improved offer discoverability to drive higher conversion rates

With over 3,500 live offers within the Offerwall, improving discovery is key to RPU growth. We’ve redesigned the interface to provide a simple, intuitive user experience that helps consumers find the best offer for them. Our improved algorithm uses behavioral data variables to personalize offers to maximize conversions. Users will also have the option to explore offers by category tags or through filtering. Later this year we’ll also be deploying a recommendation and discovery module that teases new offers inline to promote engagement. 

More ways to grow incremental revenue

In Q1 and throughout 2022, the Tapjoy product team is investing in tools that help you grow incremental revenue. The ultimate goal is to grow ad revenue as a supplement to IAP, while avoiding cannibalization. Here’s a look at two powerful new features we’re rolling out. 

Monetize your web-based content with our new Offerwall SDK

Following increasing demand from our publishers, Tapjoy now has a web-based SDK in alpha release. With the user experience closely resembling that of our in-app SDK, users can expect to have a consistent reward experience across platforms. If you’d like to gain access to our new SDK then please reach out to your Tapjoy account manager.

Tiered currency exchange rates

Tiered Currency Exchange Rates promote better alignment between Offerwall and IAP exchange rate curves. The tiers align incentives, promoting offerwall engagement while reducing the risk of cannibalization between the two revenue streams. Your IAP rewards more the users spend, so should your offerwall. 

Smarter Offerwall entry point

We’re adding a new option for publishers to create a native rewarded ad experience. The simplified module communicates the Offerwall value proposition and shows users personalized offers while consuming minimal screen real estate. Setup is equally simple with intuitive workflows available in the Tapjoy Dashboard.

With these updates, we expect to increase the number of users who make it to the Offerwall while preserving IAP revenue. This balance will be achieved by targeting users who are unlikely to convert on IAP. We also assess the placement to ensure incremental growth: A holdout group is A/B tested to measure incremental revenue gains and impact to IAP.

Enhancements to reduce user friction

Last but not least, we’re making some enhancements to the Offerwall to reduce user friction. Typically, users drop off between the instruction and offer completion stages of the conversion funnel. By improving attribution transparency for deep engagement campaigns, we can redirect users from attempting to earn on expired offers. On the Reward Status page, users can easily see which offers are ongoing (with a “Keep Going” badge) and which are no longer active (with a “Stop Playing” badge). This small change is designed to reduce user drop-off, CS ticket volume, and churn. Users will also have greater confidence in Tapjoy thanks to the transparency we’ve created in the reward process. 

Meet us at GDC to chat

This year we’ll be attending GDC in person to talk one-on-one with publishers about our product roadmap. If you’re attending, be sure to reach out to your contact for a meeting! 
We’ll also be hosting our Tapjoy GDC Party on Wednesday 3/23 at 620 Jones, starting at 6 pm. RSVPs are required so please use the link here to do so. See you soon!





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