April 30th, 2021

GAME ON: April 2021 Update

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What you need to know about Tapjoy, iOS 14.5, and SKAdNetwork

Now that iOS 14.5 is a reality, you likely have questions and concerns about how it will impact your advertising strategies. Adaptation to a post-IDFA paradigm will be an ongoing process over the coming months, as advertisers and networks alike adapt to less granular performance measurement and cohort focussed optimisation. 

Last month we debuted Country Multipliers, a new feature for publishers on the Tapjoy Offerwall.

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Why iOS 14.5 Matters

The rollout of iOS 14.5 is the first version whereby Apple’s App Tracking Transparency framework has come into effect. This new framework limits access to the IDFA, the Identifier for Advertisers, as publishers now have to request access from a user in order to ‘track them across apps and websites’. 

At the same time, in January Apple made it clear that fingerprinting, traditionally an alternative for attribution when the IDFA was not available, would not be allowed on iOS 14.5 and higher. 

With this in mind, as more users opt out of IDFA tracking, advertisers will rely on Apple’s own ad network API — SKAdNetwork (SKAN) — for deterministic attribution. With SKAN, Apple receives basic information such as campaign ID, ad network, and source apps every time a user clicks an ad. The SKAdNetwork API then sends a notification back to a  network indicating that the conversion event was successful. The challenge presented by SKAdNetwork is that install postbacks are not sent immediately (a minimum of 24 to 48 hours), and conversion data is limited. The reason for this is that the whole premise of SKAdNetwork is to prevent an advertiser and an ad network from tieing a conversion event back to a persistent user identifier.

Tapjoy, SKAdNetwork, and your campaign

Tapjoy is enrolled in SKAdNetwork as a network partner, and our v12.7.1 iOS SDK is currently responsible for over 80% of our video requests.On the Tapjoy Offerwall, we expect no  impact to eCPMs and ad revenue, as all iOS demand is CPA-based. Our Cost Per Action ads do not use the IDFA for targeting or measurement.

SKAdNetwork campaign testing and setup

We’ve made all the necessary behind the scenes changes to ensure that all advertisers running app install campaigns via our iOS video product are prepared for attribution on iOS 14.5+ devices. To ensure business continuity, we’re working with partners to;

  1. Confirm that you are running SKAdNetwork campaigns with other video networks, or that you are currently set up to verify installs or track user conversion values via SKAdNetwork.
  2. Running an end to end test to confirm we are receiving install postbacks from SKAdNetwork for your campaigns.
  3. Migrating across existing campaign bid and targeting settings to new SKAdNetwork eligible campaigns with the desired campaign ID mapping. There are no changes to Tapjoy’s contextual targeting settings, and we continue to offer existing optimisation features such as per app bidding.
  4. Ensuring that we forward SKAdNetwork postback data on to your MMP for conversion mapping purposes. 

What’s coming next?

SKAdNetwork 2.2, which contains support for view through attribution, and 3.0 which supports install loss notifications for ad networks, will soon be supported by Tapjoy in our upcoming  SDK release. Stay tuned for details and please ensure you update to this SDK version once it’s available to maintain optimal performance.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Tapjoy Account Manager for additional support.

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