August 19th, 2021

GAME ON: New A/B Testing Feature Available for Offerwall Partners


Publishers now have the ability to A/B test their monetization strategy within the Tapjoy Offerwall.

Nothing is constant in mobile advertising, which is why we’re always looking for new ways to help our publisher partners optimize their ad monetization strategies. Our Offerwall dashboard includes a steadily growing suite of tools built for this purpose. The most recent addition was Country Multipliers — a tool that allows publishers to set custom virtual currency exchange rates by geo. 

Our partners increasingly want to test and validate the performance of new strategies prior to adopting them at scale. That’s why we built a new A/B testing tool with dedicated reporting within our publisher dashboard. We hope this latest release will empower publishers to drive even more revenue growth, effectively steering their own ships amid the industry’s ups and downs.

In this edition of Game On, we look at the new Offerwall A/B testing tool in detail and share some early performance insights from beta partners. 

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How it works: A/B testing at the content card level

You can now test currency exchange rates or compare performance with and without Message to Earn. Reporting is similarly streamlined with visual graphs that show performance by variant available in the LTV dashboard. Here’s how it works: 

1. Create an Offerwall A/B test

First, choose to edit an existing content card or create a new one. To create a new content card, select your virtual currency for the A/B test toggle to appear. When adding a new test variant, you’ll be asked to provide the following:

  • Variant name
  • Currency exchange rate
  • Message: Yes/No
  • Traffic split percentage

Finally, click the three dots next to the variant name to edit, duplicate, or select it as the winner. After the test, the winning variant will be used as the default for 100% of traffic. 

2. Measure A/B test performance

Access A/B testing reporting on the Overview page by clicking on the three dots and selecting “View Report.” You can then review key metrics by variant to determine which combination performed best. Hover over the line graphs to see ad revenue by variant on specific dates. You can also easily switch tabs to review performance by placement or country. 

3. Review active tests at the content card level

Because A/B tests can now be run based on variants within a single content card, you can review which content cards include active tests at a glance. Content cards with an active A/B test will have a corresponding badge with which to differentiate it. 

Additional considerations

Keep the following notes in mind when running your first A/B test. As always, your Tapjoy account manager is available to help guide you through setup. 

  • If you added more than one variant to a content card, you must select a winner to turn off the A/B test. 
  • You cannot delete a variant while running an A/B test. Instead, we recommend turning off the A/B test or reducing traffic to 0%. 
  • Reporting data for the variants will be saved in your dashboard to be reviewed again as needed. 
  • The fixed reward type is not currently supported for A/B tests. 
  • The copy to create feature is not available for content cards while an A/B test is running. 

Beta testing performance insights

To see this new feature in action, let’s review performance data from one of our beta test partners. This partner chose to run an A/B test for its flagship app with the goal of finding the ideal virtual currency exchange rate. They hoped to run these tests with minimal impact on the game economy and assess whether increases to the exchange rate would improve engagement, and by extension, revenue. 

Our partner initialized the A/B test with three variants, one of which acted as a control. They allotted 20% of traffic to the control variant, and split the remaining 80% among the two test variants. Test A used a default multiplier of 1.5 with higher values applied to countries with less buying power like India, Mexico, and Russia. Test B used 2 as the default multiplier, with similarly higher rates for different country groupings. The control group used a default currency multiplier of 1. 

Tests A and B both showed impressive results at first, but Test B drove the strongest performance over the test period. 

The testing exercise resulted in a marked increase to all key metrics: 

  • eCPM increased by 35%
  • Offerwall user monetization rate increased 40%
  • Offerwall conversion rate increased by 36%
  • Daily unique offerwall converters increased 294%

Overall, the exchange rate tests helped our partner radically improve Offerwall engagement and drive a substantial revenue increase. 

Get started with A/B testing

Our new A/B testing tool will allow you to run more sophisticated monetization experiments. You can get started independently by logging into the LTV dashboard or connect with your Tapjoy account manager for a consultation. Stay tuned for more A/B testing updates over the coming year! In the meantime, we welcome your feedback, ideas, and insights.

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