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All the updates that made this year one for the books 

Dom Bracher, Tapjoy VP of Product

2021 was huge. We earned accolades from Adjust, AppsFlyer, and Singular. We launched our market research solution MobileVoice®. We also announced our acquisition by ironSource. And things were just as good on the product side of the business. From rolling out revenue-boosting features to rethinking mobile shopping, the team delivered high-impact innovations across our offering.

We tackle all that in today’s edition of Game On, packing everything that made 2021 special into one punchy blog post. 

Our favorite highlights from 2021

Publishers got an Offerwall analytics upgrade

For many publishers, the Tapjoy Offerwall is an integral part of their monetization engine. To make sure these developers could maximize their Offerwall performance, we added numerous new user metrics to our publisher dashboard. These new data points included daily unique viewers (DUV), daily unique converters (DUC), average daily revenue per daily unique converter (ARPDUC), and average revenue per daily unique viewer (ARPDUV). 

For more on this product update and the new analytics, check out this edition of Game On

Country Multipliers boosted international app revenue

The pricing of rewarded ad transactions is often optimized for the US, but that approach doesn’t account for the variability of buying power that exists across a global economy. A rewarded exchange that works great stateside, for instance, might flop in Russia. To account for regional economic differences and help publishers maximize their global revenue, Tapjoy introduced Country Multipliers. This feature adapts the exchange rates behind Offerwall engagements to match the unique purchasing power and relative currency exchange rates for different countries. The approach performed well in testing, allowing beta testers to boost daily ad-based earnings by over 100% by optimizing for just one region. 

To learn more about how this feature helps you maximize your international earnings, read this edition of Game On

Research revealed Multi-Reward CPE delivers

We launched our new ad unit, Multi-Reward CPE, back in March of 2020. By breadcrumbing rewards across longer stretches of gameplay, the Multi-Reward CPE was an industry-first format designed to help app advertisers create deep-funnel engagement with their users. Over the course of the year, the ad unit proved to be a boon for advertisers and publishers alike: Ad spend for the format grew by 420%, and publisher earnings from Multi-Reward increased by 5X. In 2021 we could finally take a comprehensive look at how Multi-Reward CPE performed for publishers and advertisers, and the data showed the innovation was an investment well-made. We’ve also heard terrific feedback from users who love the option to earn incremental rewards.

For the entire breakdown of Multi-Reward CPE’s takeover, review this edition of Game On

The A/B testing allowed our partners to scale with confidence

To ensure our partners could optimize their monetization strategies before adopting them at scale, we introduced a new A/B testing tool. Built directly into the publisher dashboard, the feature allows publishers to rapidly create, run, and review tests so they maximize revenue growth regardless of what is going on in the industry at large. 

From a tool walkthrough to beta testing results, here’s the whole story on the A/B testing tool

Data showed the Offerwall was unfazed by ATT

We thought the Tapjoy Offerwall was ready for mobile’s new world, and the data shows that our confidence was well placed. Early this year, we surveyed nearly 4000 gamers and crunched two years of data for the 2021 Ultimate Offerwall Guide. Our research showed Offerwall ARPDAU had shot up over 2X on iOS; eCPMs routinely exceeded $1500 on Android; and both platforms had sky-high user ad engagement. The Offerwall’s structure — which didn’t rely on the unique identifiers in question — had allowed advertisers to navigate the new era with relative ease. 

To get more Offerwall insights, read the Game On dedicated to the report. 

Currency Sales are now much faster and easier to manage 

Currency Sales help publishers boost user excitement, Offerwall traffic, and app revenues, but putting together a full promotional calendar could be an endeavor. To set up a stacked schedule, publishers had to create each event manually. This process — while worth it for the earnings it would generate — required a serious investment of time. So we decided to make it easier to leverage the power of Currency Sales by building the Currency Sale Preset, a feature that allows publishers to opt-in to all of Tapjoy’s scheduled Currency Sales with just one click.

For everything on the Currency Sale Preset feature, check out this Game On post.  

Tapjoy Shopping combined the best of rewarded ads and ecommerce

In 2020, we saw that more and more gamers were looking at the Offerwall as a shopping hub. Publisher shopping earnings on iOS in the last quarter of that year jumped by nearly 100%. In response to this trend, we developed Tapjoy Shopping: an Offerwall marketplace that combines the power of the value exchange model with the ease of a modern ecommerce platform. From a streamlined browsing experience to customizable aesthetics, Tapjoy Shopping ensures gamers can easily find and complete offers from the brand retailers they love. 

Explore how Tapjoy Shopping benefits publishers, advertisers, and consumers in an earlier installment of Game On

Your feedback guides our progress

2021 was a banner year for the Product Team here at Tapjoy. We introduced a wide range of new features, tackled big tech policy changes, and helped our partners take advantage of emerging trends. The new year is just around the corner, and we are so excited for the innovations to come. But we can’t get there without you.

Our community drives our product roadmap — we want to hear from you! Whether it’s a new Dashboard feature that would make your life easier or an Offerwall optimization, we want to know. Listening to your feedback is the single most important factor in the success of our product.

See you next year!

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