January 4th, 2018

Four Common Ways App Publishers Are Leaving Money on the Table

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Tapjoy’s Ben Chen chats to Gamasutra about four common ways app publishers are leaving money on the table – and how to avoid them.

As any successful freemium game developer can tell you, monetization is an ever-evolving task. There’s always new promotions to run, additional in-game items to merchandise, and innovative ways to optimize your ad strategy.

But every freemium game developer will also tell you that they live in constant fear of leaving money on the table. They know that there’s always more revenue to be earned, if only they could further optimize their efforts and identify the right mix of monetization strategies. The challenge lies in knowing which strategies produce the best results and which pitfalls might be causing them to leave potential revenue untapped.

We’ve spoken with over 10,000 freemium app developers and compiled a list of four of the most common practices that cause app publishers to fail to fully realize their monetization potential. Read the full story on Gamasutra.

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