September 30th, 2019

Exclusive Q4 ‘19 Opportunity! New Offerwall Integrations Get 10% Cash Back

Tapjoy Offerwall Opportunity


For a limited time, developers can kickstart their offerwall monetization with 10% cash back from Tapjoy!

Offerwalls enable developers to monetize both paying and non-paying users, drive engagement, and increase retention, all while ensuring a high-quality user experience. It’s no surprise that over 15% or the top 100 highest-grossing apps use offerwalls as a core strategy. Developers aren’t the only ones that are excited about offerwalls — Tapjoy studies have shown that mobile gamers prefer rewarded ads to interstitials 4-to-1. Read on to learn more!

Offerwalls maximize ad monetization & user engagement

As part of a special Q4 program, Tapjoy will be offering 10% cash back to new developers who implement a new offerwall integration. For developers, that means sky-high CPMs, among other benefits. But what exactly is an offerwall, and why are they so effective?

An offerwall is a premium opt-in ad unit that monetizes apps through incentivized, contextual ad engagement. They are commonly implemented in mobile games, but they are applicable to any app with a basic economic structure. Offerwalls are typically presented as portals to an ad storefront in which users can complete an action in exchange for in-app rewards. The integration is highly customizable to ensure a native experience. Offerwalls supplement IAP revenue by providing an alternative path for players to earn premium benefits. The most popular types of offers include rewarded video ads, playable mini-games, down-stream actions such as sign-ups, new game discovery, and other in-app activities. Because it’s always the user’s choice to visit the offerwall, these units drive unparalleled engagement. 

5 reasons to partner with Tapjoy this quarter

  1. Accelerate your monetization by partnering with the undisputed offerwall market leader for over ten years
  2. Drive higher CPMs across the board (as high as $138 for iOS users in the US!)
  3. Maximize IAP conversions (users who engage with rewarded ads are 4.5X more likely to make in-app purchases)
  4. Boost average daily sessions by as much as 34% among users who engage with rewarded ads
  5. Increase retention by up to 4X (players who engage with rewarded ads have a retention rate of at least 50% compared to the benchmark of 13%)

Program Terms & Conditions

  • Apply by submitting a request directly to Ben Chen, Tapjoy’s EVP of Developer Relations at
  • All applications must be submitted before October 11, 2019
  • Offerwall integration must be set live by October 31, 2019
  • This promotion is only available for developers with new offerwall integrations
  • Receive 10% cash back* through Q4 only; 6-month commitment required

*10% cash back applies to offerwall revenue only.

[Download the full program description here]

Get started with the Tapjoy offerwall in under 24 hours

The Tapjoy SDK includes a combined rewarded video and offerwall platform that can be customized to meet your specific monetization needs. Our offerwalls are compatible with Android and iOS platforms and can be customized to match your app’s brand and UI.

Contact to get started!


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