May 23rd, 2016


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[:en]Tapjoy is focused on helping app publishers target the right users with the right content at the right time. But we get that there isn’t always time to think about how to get the right hooks into your app and build the right user segments to make this level of targeting and personalization possible.

Therefore, we are making it easier than ever for app publishers to deliver targeted, contextually relevant ads with the launch of two new important product updates: Advertising ID Upload and Default Placement.

Advertising ID Upload

This feature allows you to target lists of users quickly and easily. Your list is effectively a cohort of users, typically chosen by an action like viewing an ad, downloading your app or performing a specific in-app action.

Using your list is as simple as naming a text file or CSV and uploading it through the Tapjoy dashboard. Here are a few use cases for lists:

User Acquisition: If you’ve picked up advertising IDs from other networks, we can help you find and target these users.Customer Service: Games often don’t have great built-in tools for finding individual users. An ad ID can help send rewards to users who submit tickets.Analytics: Send user-specific content or promos with Tapjoy Content to users you have identified from your internal or 3rd party analytics tool.

Users still have control over their own app experience: they can reset their advertising ID or opt out of targeted ads at any time.

Default Placements

Tapjoy is also reducing your workload for contextual placements. Our new Default Placement feature consists of two widely-used placements that are now available in the dashboard, with no coding required. These placements are:

App Open: The best use for a message on app open is usually a Currency Sale. This message can drive up to 35%+ incremental revenue.Insufficient Currency: If you have a Tapjoy-managed currency, you can drive conversion by notifying users who are low on currency during a break in gameplay.

With these new tools, it’s easier than ever to insert personalized ad offers, IAP promotions or engagement messages into your app. So now there’s nothing holding you back. Contact us at with any questions or help getting started.


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