Tapjoy surveyed 13,500 mobile gamers to determine their play habits, shopping plans, and rewarded ad engagement for the holiday season.

Tapjoy’s 2017 Holiday Gaming Trends Report was a valuable resource that helped marketers understand the preferences and behaviors of mobile players. Such insights remain incredibly important today, especially as millennial demographics drive change in how media is consumed and products are purchased.

For these reasons, we’re pleased to announce The 2018 Guide To Engaging The Holiday Mobile Gamer.  We’ve compiled the latest data on this fast-paced mobile gaming field, generated insights on shopping habits of player demographics, and compared results with 2017  to see where the industry is headed.

Using proprietary survey and performance data, we’ve provided eye-opening insights on the following holiday trends:

To learn more, you can download the full report here. For more information on how Tapjoy can help maximize your revenue this holiday season, contact our team.

Tapjoy recently surveyed 12,000 US mobile gamers to learn whether or not the Halloween season influences our gaming time. . Download the full report for our findings!

We wanted to know: as a user completes more ads, do they become more valuable to a publisher? Do they spend more? Engage more frequently? And are they more likely to be retained as time goes on? This report examines the relationship between rewarded ad conversions and these key user engagement metrics. 

Many of today’s biggest brands are launching mobile apps in an attempt to adjust to the shifting digital media landscape. Brands such as McDonald’s, Chipotle and Walgreens have used apps to help improve the overall customer lifecycle, while others have struggled to discover an effective strategy.  

Fortunately, one group of app developers has been studying, testing and optimizing app usage for years: game developers. This paper outlines the most important lessons that brands can learn from game developers to help optimize the engagement and retention of their mobile app users.

What’s inside?

App development is big business. And yet, as big as that number sounds, what’s truly remarkable is that nearly every app developer is leaving so much money on the table.

Download this report to understand six steps for optimizing mobile marketing automation to generate the most revenue out of EVERY user in your app. 

Is offerwall the right fit for your app? In this guide, we explore the unique benefits of offerwall monetization, plus actionable best practices every developer can take to boost offerwall revenue.

Six actionable best practices every developer can take to maximize revenue this holiday season. In our latest Maximum Impact Report, we explore the unique benefits of offerwall monetization and detail six actionable best practices that every developer can take to optimize ad revenue during the holidays. 

Tapjoy’s Modern Mobile Gamer guides are designed to help both brand and performance marketers better reach and engage with mobile in-app audiences. The latest report surveyed over 20,000 mobile users across North America and Europe to explore their projected gaming behaviors and ad preferences for the upcoming holiday season. 

The follow-up research report in “The Modern Mobile Gamer” series focuses on the impact that mobile in-game ad formats have on consumer behaviors.

This report is chock full of helpful data on the types of ads consumers prefer to engage with while playing mobile games. Gain valuable insights into best practices on how both brand marketers and app developers can activate this audience through advertising. 

Discover the impact rewarded ads have on key performance metrics such as IAP conversion, user spend, retention & app engagement.

Tapjoy’s June, 2017 Modern Mobile Gamer report found that mobile gamers overwhelmingly prefer rewarded ads to mandatory ads. In our latest Maximum Impact Report, we take a closer look at the impact rewarded ads have on a variety of publisher KPIs, such as likelihood to make an in-app purchase (IAP), average user spend, 30-day retention, and more.