It’s time gain to celebrate one of the many games and apps that have This month, we’re taking a closer look at a mainstay of the mobile dating sim genre: Love Tangle | Shall We Date? by NTT Solmare.

The Scoop

After first hitting the app stores in 2015, Love Tangle | Shall We Date? has managed to remain a perennial favorite among the mobile dating sim genre’s most passionate devotees. Its enthralling cast of love interests and engaging narrative arcs were designed from the ground up to capture player attention and never let it go. While mobile dating sims may be a niche market, experienced developers like NTT Solmare know that they command a strong, loyal user base that is constantly on the hunt for fresh content. This level of engagement has allowed NTT Solmare to build a successful business by delivering a steady stream of strong narrative-driven products that its customers love.

The Buzz

Even after nearly 3 years, Love Tangle | Shall We Date? has managed to remain relevant within the world of mobile dating sims thanks to its innovative approach to narrative-based gameplay. As one reviewer articulates, “The stories for these characters so far hit you right in the feels.” The game’s characters and plot lines are skillfully crafted, appealing to the devoted audience of dating sim die-hards. Its top-tier production values and compelling narratives have allowed Love Tangle to consistently rank within the top adventure and simulation games on the app stores.

The Gameplay

This free-to-play, narrative-driven sim game invites users to play the role of the game’s leading character, a scientist and wildlife researcher, as she goes in search of true love and her better half. The game features several entertaining episodes with different endings for each male character. Players can ultimately win the story by choosing the best course of actions. Along the way, they can dress up their avatar with their own personal fashion style, or play mini-games such as slots or a cooking game in order to earn rewards and prizes. 

The Economy

Love Tangle employs a familiar tiered currency system. Players are incentivized to log in daily in order to accrue the game’s premium currency (Diamonds). Players can also win Diamonds through the game’s gachapon system, or by taking part in activities at the Pop ‘N Sweet cafe, where players can cook food, develop their skills, and earn prizes like clothing for their avatar or magic cooking items. Narrative engagement is also gated, requiring players to either wait for ticket timers to count down in order to advance their storylines, purchase story tickets through IAPs, or earn additional tickets through using the Tapjoy Offerwall.

The Sizzle Reel

The Skinny

Love Tangle | Shall We Date? is an inarguable success within the mobile dating sim world. Its engaging mechanics and captivating stories provide players with hours of enjoyment while permitting the most devoted fans to pay for the right to dive headfirst into its colorful world of dreamy heartthrobs and narrative intrigue. Who could ask for anything more?

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