February 18th, 2016

Bringing Tapjoy’s Audience Segmentation and Predictive Analytics to Mobile Ad Mediation

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[:en]We’re very excited to announce that we have partnered with several of the mobile industry’s leading ad mediation platforms to enable app developers to leverage best-in-class mediated ad demand in conjunction with our sophisticated user-level segmentation and predictive analytics. Our initial mediation partners include MoPub, Fyber and AerServ.

With the rapid growth of mediation services, the combination of mediated ad demand and Tapjoy’s powerful LTV infrastructure will help drive optimal ad pricing and fill rates while also ensuring that developers’ paying customers — both existing and predicted — aren’t exposed to ads. For the first time ever, developers can now use the Tapjoy platform to serve targeted, engaging and timely ads sourced from virtually every meaningful provider of mobile ad demand.

Mediation is important because it allows developers to maximize their revenue opportunity by working with as many high-quality advertising sources as possible. They can serve the highest yielding ads to each user based on payouts and available demand before moving on to the next advertising source, in waterfall fashion. However, until now, developers haven’t been able to combine mediated ad demand with the critical segmentation strategies that ensure ads are utilized with holistic consideration of the preferred monetization experience of each individual consumer — taking into account the predicted behavior of both paying and non-paying customers.

Tapjoy’s mediation partnerships offer two levels of integration for publishers:

Platform Integration: Provides app developers complete access to Tapjoy’s LTV infrastructure for yield management of contextual marketing messages and ad demand from a variety of third-party ad sources. “Platform” developer partners are able to analyze consumer behavior in real-time, segment based on historical and predicted in-app purchases, and surface the optimal advertising mix for non-spending consumers. Tapjoy’s SDK seamlessly integrates mediator SDKs to allow app developers to serve ad demand from any number of third-party ad networks, based on fill-rate and overall eCPM performance.Adapter Integration: Delivers Tapjoy’s premium rewarded video ad service via our mediation partners’ SDKs, enabling app developers to leverage Tapjoy’s deep portfolio of brand video advertising partners.

Tapjoy’s mediation services are free to use for any developer who has integrated the latest Tapjoy SDK. Existing Tapjoy publishers can begin using mediation immediately by accessing it through their Tapjoy dashboard. New customers can request a free demo or sign up for an account through the Tapjoy website.

To learn more, read the VentureBeat announcement.[:]


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