September 11th, 2018

[a]daily Credits Tapjoy for Driving Brand Adoption Of In-App Advertising

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There’s a major change taking place in the mobile advertising world, and as [a]list daily recently reported, Tapjoy is at the heart of it.

Brand advertisers are being drawn to uniquely tech-forward formats of in-app advertising and the consistently high engagement levels it produces. Experienced mobile advertising platforms like Tapjoy are playing a critical role in winning over their hearts and minds.

In a Sep. 7th article entitled “More Brands Are Turning To In-Game Advertising,” reporter Steven Wong concisely articulated how outdated assumptions around mobile gaming’s demographic reach have started changing for the better. Thanks to data-driven insights like those provided in Tapjoy’s 2017 audience research report, brand advertisers have been able to update their perspectives, recognizing that rather than skewing towards younger males, mobile game audiences are in fact 63% female and equally spread across all age ranges and income levels. As a result, brands like Nickelodeon have started investing resources in mobile advertising to great effect. In partnership with Tapjoy, Nickelodeon ran an interactive, playable campaign promoting their Kids’ Choice Sports Awards,resulting in excellent engagement and completion rates.

Tapjoy VP of Marketing, Emily McInerney, is quoted in the article, explaining how “In-game ads that are based on the value exchange automatically tie engagement to conversion by delivering the conversions that advertisers seek most, whether completed video views or any type of marketing action, such as a purchase, subscription, survey completion, etc.” These and other unique characteristics of the mobile advertising market have made in-app advertising the primary method of monetization for game publishers, who are known for setting trends in the mobile industry, with more than 50% of the top 50 iOS games monetizing players through ads.

The arrival of brand advertisers has been a long time coming, and the Tapjoy team is thrilled to help them enter the rewarding world of mobile advertising.

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