Ad Monetization Best Practices — Tip #4 to Increase Offerwall Revenue

In the fourth installment of our blog series, we explore how permanent currency sales work and how developers can use them to their advantage.

Did you know that Tapjoy now makes it easy for publishers to implement rules-based permanent currency sales that target specific user groups? Currency sales are limited time promotions in which users are given the chance to earn more virtual currency than usual for every ad they engage with.

But with permanent currency sales, publishers can target specific user segments and automatically offer the promotion if a user meets certain criteria. Permanent currency sales can be used to achieve a number of objectives, such as incentivizing user loyalty, shortening time to conversion for new users, or re-engaging offerwall “churners”.

For example, publishers could offer a special promotion only to users who have downloaded the app within the last three days, or those who have failed to engage with the offerwall for the past two weeks, or loyal users who have consistently engaged with the app every day for the past week.

In the fourth installment of our ‘Ultimate Offerwall Guide’ video series, we review a few ways that developers can use permanent currency sales to their advantage…

For more information — plus case studies from publishers like PONOS and Smule — download ‘The Ultimate Offerwall Guide’, available now.

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