Ad Monetization Best Practices — Tip #3 to Increase Offerwall Revenue

In the third installment of our blog series, we explore how to use Tapjoy’s platform to easily implement currency sales that encourage engagement and drive significant bursts in revenue.

In our latest blog series, we’ll highlight a few of the best practices outlined in our latest e-book, The Ultimate Offerwall Guide.

For those not already familiar, an offerwall is quite literally a “wall” of offers that are presented inside an app, allowing users to scroll through and select their choice of rewarded ads to complete in exchange for virtual currency or other in-app rewards. In the guide, we outline a few of the unique benefits of offerwall monetization, and explore six tips that publishers can employ to boost offerwall conversion and ensure that they maximize the value of every user.

Let’s take a look at tip #3: Running a currency sale…

For more tips — plus case studies from publishers like PONOS and Smule — download ‘The Ultimate Offerwall Guide’, available now.

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