7 surprising facts about open rates for push notifications

“Tapjoy, the mobile marketing company, has come up with seven surprising facts about the open rates for push notifications.

Push notifications are a common way to get users to pay attention to an app. Marketers love push notifications because users can’t help but see them as they flash across the screen of their smartphones. It’s like tapping a user on the shoulder, Tapjoy says. But just as in real life, a notification risks interrupting or annoying users if not done right. Every misstep reduces open rates, and, in turn, retention and engagement. Notifications, in short, are both a powerful tool and a minefield for app developers, according to San Francisco-based Tapjoy.

Tapjoy has accumulated data from its network of 500 million users and studied over 4.4 million push notifications sent between February and August, 2016.

Check out the full VentureBeat article here: http://tap.tj/E5lE304QDSY

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