June 23rd, 2017

6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Drive Mobile Game Monetization & Engagement

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By Changsu Lee, SVP, Platforms at Tapjoy

While the thought of Artificial Intelligence (AI) sometimes renders visions of a dystopian future in which humans are replaced by robots bearing superior intelligence and capabilities, the truth is that the application of AI in both the current and future state of mobile game development is not nearly so far removed — or so scary.

Computers have already begun to augment humans for several functions at many of today’s top gaming studios, and this trend is only getting started. From LiveOps and fraud detection to user acquisition, game developers throughout the world are turning to AI and machine learning to automate and optimize tasks that previously required manual (aka, “human”) labor. Not only can computers do most tasks faster and more efficiently than humans, but as AI algorithms get smarter over time, they are learning to do them much more effectively as well.

AI’s role in the future of game monetization and engagement is closer than you might think.

Tapjoy’s SVP of Platforms, Changsu Lee, spoke with Pocketgamer about six important ways that game developers are either using AI today or will be using it in the near future. Read the full story here.


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