August 20th, 2019

6 Tips for Maximizing Mobile Offerwall Revenue



At Tapjoy, we frequently explore the ways that offerwalls increase mobile developer revenue while providing the best possible experience for app users. So what best practices can developers turn to that will maximize this impact? In this guide, we’ll outline six best practices that every publisher can take to increase engagement, boost offerwall revenue, and ensure that they derive the highest possible value from every user.

Let’s get started!

Tip #1 – Use rewards to drive engagement

Promote the offerwall when users need rewards the most.

Invite users to visit the offerwall when rewards are needed the most: for example, after a moment of failure or when virtual currency is depleted. In Concrete Software’s PBA Bowling, users are given the option to complete a rewarded ad if they fail to qualify for “League Night”. The reward allows them to earn more pins and try for a better score, right at the moment they need it the most. The results of this led to a 3x lift in ad conversions and a 130% increase in overall revenue.

Offer a special reward for repeat engagement.

Consider offering users a special reward designed to encourage repeat engagement with the offerwall. For example, a bonus that can be collected once per day for opening the offerwall. This bonus could increase in value for each subsequent day that the user re-engages the offerwall without skipping.

Gamify the reward experience

The whole point of a game is to have fun – so why not make the offerwall part of the experience? Developers are getting ever-more savvy about weaving their rewarded ad strategy into the gameplay, making it something that players to look forward to and want to engage with. For example, completing an ad or offer could unlock a surprise box, and the user is only able to discover its contents upon ad completion. Alternatively, the user could receive a random award by spinning a wheel or picking a mystery card – not only is this approach interactive, but the user is likely to return for the chance to earn other available rewards.


Tip #2 – Employ smart segmentation & targeting

Just as you would test and refine any other element of your game, ad monetization should be treated with the same level of scrutiny. There’s no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to monetization – or at least, there shouldn’t be. The most successful games are those that understand their audience’s behavior and strike an optimal balance between IAP and ad monetization – and understand how the two can complement each other to maximize revenue.

Payers vs. non-payers

One of the most common ways that publishers choose to segment their user base is into paying and non-paying users. Often publishers choose not to show ads to paying users at all, while some may show ads but exclude the group from currency sales or promotions.

Inactive users

The offerwall can also act as a tool to re-engage dormant users. Publishers can segment users by the number of days since they last opened the app and send a targeted message to inactive users encouraging them to visit the offerwall to earn rewards. To influence ongoing engagement, they can also set up a permanent currency sale to users who fit this profile (see Tip #4).

Custom events

Developers can also segment their users by custom events – such as reaching a particular level. They may choose not to show ads until the user has completed a few levels, or to scale the offerwall exchange rate as a user progresses. (see Tip #6).

Tip #3 – Run a currency sale

Currency sales are limited time promotions that offer users the chance to earn more virtual currency than usual for every ad they engage with. Tapjoy’s platform makes it easy for publishers to run a currency sale at any time that they wish, or to join one of Tapjoy’s scheduled holiday currency sales throughout the year.

Currency sales not only encourage users to engage with rewarded ads, but they have also been shown to drive significant bursts in revenue.

To examine the impact that currency sales have on revenue, Tapjoy measured the average NEPDAU (Net Earnings Per Daily Active User) for 30 participating iOS and 30 participating Android apps during a three-day weekend currency sale (Fri-Sun) in May 2017. These results were then compared to the average NEPDAU during the weekend prior when currency exchange rates were not discounted.

  • 90% of the Android apps and 87% of iOS apps studied demonstrated an increase in NEPDAU.
  • Across all apps studied, the weighted increase in average NEPDAU was 45%.
  • The weighted increase for Android apps was 50%, while for iOS apps it was 36%.

Tip #4 – Experiment with permanent currency sales

Tapjoy now makes it easy for publishers to implement rules-based permanent currency sales that target specific user groups on an ongoing basis. Here are a few examples of how Tapjoy clients have used permanent currency sales to achieve specific goals for their app:

Shorten time to first conversion for new users

Run a currency sale that is billed as “limited time only” to users who installed the app within the last three days. Users are not told how long the promotion will last, which encourages them to return more quickly and make their first offerwall conversion. Introducing users early to the mechanics of the offerwall not only increases revenue but can have a positive impact on user engagement and retention.

Re-engage offerwall “churners”

Run a currency sale to previous offerwall users who have not completed an offer within a certain number of days. These users are already familiar with the mechanics of the offerwall, so an incentive may be the push they need to re-engage with the app.

Incentivize user loyalty

Encourage repeat engagement by promoting a currency sale to loyal users. To qualify for the sale, users need to open the app every day for seven days. On the 7th day, the user unlocks the promotion.

Convert non-monetized users

This approach is designed to target your lowest value users: those who have regularly played the game, but never made a purchase or converted on an ad. Targeting these users with a special currency sale may provide the push that they need to finally engage with the offerwall – and once they’ve enjoyed the value of the reward, they’ll be more likely to convert again.

Tip #5 – Customize your offerwall

Tapjoy makes it easy to customize the look and feel of your offerwall for any season, promotion or occasion. The Offerwall Plus platform allows developers to easily custom-brand several elements so that the offerwall appears native to the app. This includes the header section (which can feature any color, text or image the developer chooses), the overall color scheme of the wall, the app’s currency icon, and the interactive button which takes the user to the offerwall.

Tapjoy also offers the ability for developers to create offerwall headers that are unique to currency sales. These headers can be used to promote the length or value sale and encourage user participation.

Tip #6 – Explore custom exchange rates

Another way that publishers can optimize offerwall revenue is by exploring custom exchange rates. Custom exchange rates allow the publisher to set different levels of rewards for different user groups in exchange for their ad view or offer completion. For example, a new user may receive 100 coins for watching a video trailer, while a more mature user would receive 500 coins for the same action.

One common reason that publishers choose to implement custom exchange rates is to encourage conversion and engagement among more mature users. As users progress, the items they will need to advance in the game usually become more expensive. It can be discouraging to receive a 100 coin payout when 5000 coins are required to purchase a critical virtual good. To keep loyal users engaged and interested in the offerwall, the reward must be scaled so that it is meaningful as they progress.

Getting started with Tapjoy

Tapjoy is the industry’s leading offerwall expert for a reason: We make it easy for publishers to set up, customize and optimize their offerwall, all from a centralized dashboard. The UI is clean, user-friendly, and can be tailored to match the look and feel of your app.

Part of the Tapjoy Maximum Impact Platform™, developers are empowered to make the most of every user through advanced segmentation and predictive LTV analytics. These capabilities allow publishers to more intelligently monetize their users through advanced features, such as custom exchange rates, targeted permanent currency sales, and contextual in-app messaging.

For more information, take a look at Tapjoy’s mobile monetization strategies.

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