31% of Mobile Gamers Plan To Play More During The Halloween Season

Halloween is all about trick-or-treating, scary movies, and – for many – more time playing mobile games. As part of last December’s Marketer’s Guide to Holiday Trends, we took an in-depth look at smartphone playing habits across the seasons. Now that Halloween is just around the corner, Tapjoy decided to conduct a new survey with 12,000 US mobile gamers to learn whether or not this spooky time of year influences our gaming time.
While most respondents play the same or fewer hours on Halloween, 31% actually take the opportunity to play more. Overall, 56% will accumulate up to 4 hours of game time per day during the Halloween season on average, with the majority stopping after 1-2. 
Marketers will also be pleased to hear that 53% of gamers are more likely to engage with rewarded ads during Halloween – we promise, it’s not a trick! Watching videos remains the preferred choice of advertising reward exchange, favored by 64% of respondents. Most players tend to click on advertisements for movie trailers, while ads for other mobile games and apps come in second place.
Movies and games aren’t the only Halloween-related activities conducted on smartphones. We also found that 33% of players use their mobile phones to buy costumes and candy.
Demographically, a vast majority of respondents were either in their teens or mid-twenties. 54% of these mobile gamers are women, while 37% are in households making less than $25,000 a years. 33% of players are aged 13-17, while another 25% range from 18-24. The remaining 42% varied in age from 25 to 55+.
While Halloween may not be directly associated with video games, these results suggest marketers shouldn’t underestimate the play habits of young adults during this holiday season. Marketers can head over to our whitepapers and resources section to download the one sheet.
For our complete findings, be sure to download the one sheet, and keep a lookout for our 2018 Marketer’s Guide to the Holiday Season report out early November.
Happy Halloween!
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