July 23rd, 2019

2019 Modern Mobile Gamer Findings Featured in eMarketer



As a leading in-app advertising network, we’re big fans of detailed market research. eMarketer has long been one of our go-to sources, and we were thrilled to have recently made our own contribution to their massive collection of powerful industry insights. Last week the digital marketing research company published an article summarizing our Modern Mobile Gamer 2019 eBook.

Tapjoy’s third annual Modern Mobile Gamer is a deep dive into the market segments that drive mobile game advertising performance — specifically Millennials, Parents, and High Income Earners. Its results are based on insights from over 18,000 survey respondents, and highlights common careers, interests, and spending patterns.

As eMarketer notes, this report provides several fascinating results of interest to advertisers. For example, did you know that two out of three respondents would rather give up social media apps than mobile games? Or that 76% of millennials in the United States prefer opt-in rewarded ads over mandatory ad formats? eMarketer uses this opportunity to go a few steps further with follow-up statistics on playable advertising, exploring the features mobile games leverage that social media or OTT apps do not.

“The rewarded model is the most effective model of advertising in mobile games because players understand there is a value exchange, and they appreciate that a brand is giving them the ability to progress in the game without having to pull out their wallets,” said Emily Robinson, Tapjoy vice president of marketing. “This appreciation for the advertiser drives deep brand awareness, brand recognition, message recall and purchase intent with consumers.”

You can take a look at eMarketer’s coverage here, or download the original report from this link. Stay tuned for more exciting market research from the Tapjoy team!

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