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Mobile Advertising that works
Mobile Advertising That Works.
How It Works
Performance Pricing

Cost Per Action
Cost Per Action
Only pay on completion of your target action. In short, there are only two possible outcomes: the user completes your action (mission accomplished!) or they don’t (you don’t pay).
Cost Per Engagement
Cost Per Engagement
Set custom targets for in-app engagements. You pay only at the predetermined checkpoint of your choosing, such as the post-install account registration, or the first in-app order.
Cost Per Install
Cost Per Install
Acquire new app users with zero wasted ad spend. You pay only when a consumer installs your brand’s app on their device, allowing you to scale efficiently.
Cost Per Completed View
Cost Per Completed View
Don’t pay for partial views or, worse yet, video impressions. You pay only for completed views of premium brand content.
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Customer Success

Manscaped Acquires 120K+ New Customers & Expands Worldwide

As one of the few brands embracing men’s grooming below the belt, MANSCAPED has captured the attention of Millennial and Gen Z consumers — in fact, it’s grown 500% in just two years. Boosting brand awareness while maintaining profitability is an ongoing challenge. This led MANSCAPED to test in-app CPA advertising with Tapjoy. And the results were impressive: over 100,000 net new U.S. customers, 41% CTR, and over 20,000 new international customers.

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“Tapjoy would allow us to reach a new audience of consumers and entice a purchase while offering rewards for what they’re currently doing. While many in-app ad formats take users away from their game, Tapjoy allows us to enhance their experience.”

- Jessica Carlson, Paid Media Manager, Manscaped
How We Compare
Global Reach
1/3 of the Tapjoy audience does not use Facebook or Instagram on a daily basis. 80% of our audience plays mobile games every day.

Expanding your marketing channels in-app allows you to outpace the competition and get in front of new customers. With more than one billion people regularly engaging with our mobile ads, finding the right audience for your brand won’t be a problem.

Engagement at Scale
2/3 of our audience prefers Tapjoy’s rewarded ad experience over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter paid ads.

With declining consumer attitudes towards interruption-based advertising, opt-in advertising formats offer a powerful alternative. Our customers have found that mobile app users are more attentive and receptive to advertising than mobile web users.

Proven Performance
76% of our audience say they engage with 1 to 6 Tapjoy ad offers daily.

We optimize at the app level to ensure your ads are only shown to consumers who are a good match for your product. Direct response ads thrive in our opt-in, consumer-first ad environment, leading to deeper funnel engagements and increased conversions.

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When we say risk-free, we mean it

Tapjoy’s performance pricing means you only pay for ads that deliver results. Max out ROAS without the stress and hassle of expensive, time-consuming trial-and-error methods.

1. No minimum test budget

2. Dedicated mobile strategist

3. Guided setup and reporting

4. See results in 48 hours (yes, really!)

5. Easily optimize for quality and scale

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“At Winc, we always have a test-and-learn mindset. The team at Tapjoy shares that mindset — through testing, we were able to optimize our messaging and implement custom targeting. Now our DR offers deliver consistent results.”

- Rohan Panjiar, Director of Performance Marketing , Winc

DTC Retail Report

Tapjoy Consumers Want DTC Brands


are interested in trying a new subscription product or service

More than half prefer shopping directly from a brand versus a third-party retailer


said they are more likely to engage with a retail in-app rewarded ad than a social media sponsored post

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