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In-App CPA Advertising – Customer Success Stories
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Tapjoy CPA Advertising

Only pay for conversions
Only pay for conversions
CPA means no wasted ad spend. You only pay when a consumer completes your desired target action.
Set custom <br>targets
Set custom
Flexibility to choose your target action, such as first purchases, subscription sign-ups, and more.
Hit your <br>ROAS goals
Hit your
ROAS goals
Engage high-intent shoppers, scale your campaign, and drive positive ROAS this holiday season.
Reach 1B+ holiday shoppers
Reach 1B+ holiday shoppers
Capitalize on increased holiday traffic as more consumers spend time shopping on mobile.
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Our Customer Success Stories speak for themselves.
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Customer Success

Manscaped Gains 120K+ First Purchases & Expands Globally

As one of the few brands embracing men’s grooming below the belt, MANSCAPED has captured the attention of Millennial and Gen Z consumers — in fact, it’s grown 500% in just two years. To boost brand awareness beyond the US while maintaining profitability, the company partnered with Tapjoy to test CPA campaigns. The goal was to offset risk while MANSCAPED scaled its growth, and the rewarded model would enhance the consumer experience and increase brand affinity. The results were impressive: over 100,000+ net new US customers, 41% CTR, and over 20,000+ new international customers.



"The CPA method of bidding is completely unique to Tapjoy. It allows you to pay only for completed purchases, so it was a no-brainer for us. We have the benefits of brand awareness within the app, but also the unique offering of rewards for users to purchase MANSCAPED products."

- Jessica Carlson, Paid Media Manager, Manscaped
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Customer Success

IPSY Keeps Costs 27% Below Threshold & Drives ROAS At Scale

As a growing beauty product subscription brand, IPSY found that marketing channels like social media had become oversaturated and expensive. IPSY’s Growth Team decided to explore in-app advertising with Tapjoy. The rewarded ad model increases brand affinity and engagement, making it an advantageous channel amongst steep competition. IPSY launched CPA and CPE campaigns with optimized bidding, targeting subscription purchases and downloads of IPSY’s shopping app. The campaigns saw a 5.37% click-through rate and a quick cancel rate of just 7% — far below the 15% target. The average cost per subscription was 27% below the target threshold.



"Mobile app users are more attentive and engaged than mobile web users, but only a few brands manage to tap the channel's potential. For those that do so, it's a huge competitive advantage."

- Alessandra Sales, VP of Growth, IPSY
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Customer Success

Winc Overcomes Brand Safety Challenges & Boosts CVR by 26%

As a “grape to glass” wine club, Winc faces unique challenges when it comes to brand safety and scale. Its Growth Team constantly tests emerging channels in an effort to reach more 21+ consumers. Rising CACs on Facebook and Google also compelled them to look outside the mainstream. Winc turned to Tapjoy: With in-app CPA ads, the brand could boost scale subscriptions and stretch its ad budget further. With a custom allow list of brand-safe publishers, Winc boosted conversions by 26% and got quick cancellations down to under 20%, all while achieving an average CPS of $75.



“Consumers are highly attentive and engaged on mobile, which is why in-app advertising is such a successful marketing strategy. With Tapjoy, we were able to scale our DR offer for the 21+ audience AND keep our CPS in target range while improving our LTV.”

- Rohan Panjiar, Director of Performance Marketing, Winc
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Customer Success

Looma Boosts First-Time Purchases 30% At Brand Launch

As an eco-conscious DTC bedding startup, Looma needed a launch strategy that would guarantee early traction in a hyper-competitive market. As a new brand on the scene, Looma’s founders were eager to introduce Looma to the world while making the most of their ad budget. Tapjoy’s massive audience reach and low-risk CPA model was an optimal solution: It would impact brand awareness at the upfront while increasing sales. Just over a year later, Looma has already made a name for itself. Its CPA campaign drove a 30% increase in first-time purchases, a 25% increase in MoM revenue, and a 10% increase in customer retention.

"At the end of the day, there’s no downside to people seeing your name in the marketplace, even if you don’t expect them to convert right away. And doing this via a mobile advertising network is a way for startups to dip their toe into the pool without the huge upfront costs of more traditional advertising."

- Denver Rayburn, Founder, Looma
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Grow Your Brand With Tapjoy This Holiday Season

In 2020, consumers are spending more time on mobile. In fact, 74% of consumers on Tapjoy’s network say they will use their mobile devices for holiday shopping this year.

Our holiday gift to you? Run your first CPA test campaign, on us.

• Offer valid for new Tapjoy partners only

• Deadline to claim offer: November 24, 2020

• Test campaign run period: November – December, 2020

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• Test budget determined by consultation (Up to $5,000)


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In-App CPA Advertising – Customer Success Stories
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