Tapjoy Sub-Processors

What are sub-processors?

“Sub-processor” means any third party engaged by Tapjoy or its affiliates to process Advertising Service Data or Publisher Service Data on your behalf, not including Tapjoy employees or contractors. You provide Tapjoy with general written authorization and consent to engage Sub-processors to process personal data provided that: (i) if and to the extent you provide us with European Data, Tapjoy will provide you, upon request, with a list of our then-current Sub-processors and provide you at least fourteen (14) days’ notice of the addition of any Sub-processor (including details of the processing to be performed); (ii) Tapjoy requires its Sub-processors to abide by data protection terms as protective as the terms of this Tapjoy DPA; and (iv) Tapjoy remains fully liable for any breach of Tapjoy Data Protection Amendment (“Tapjoy DPA”) caused by its Sub-processors’ acts, errors or omissions. For more information, see our PRIVACY POLICY and Tapjoy DPA.

Tapjoy Sub-Processors

Last Updated: August 6, 2020

Sub-ProcessorService ProvidedApplicationEnd-User DataBusiness Partner Data
Amazon Web Services (AWS)Cloud storageStorage of end-user data (in AWS servers located in North America)x
CentrisCustomer supportCustomer support system for end-users x
DocuSignDigital signature managementDigital signature management for documents executed by Tapjoy and its business partnersx
EnvoyOn-site visitor document managerNDA signature management system for visitors to Tapjoy offices x
EverflowCampaign trackingConversion tracking for CPA advertising campaignsx
GoogleBusiness productivity suiteBusiness productivity tools (e.g., email, calendar, word processing, spreadsheets, etc.) used by Tapjoy employees x
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)Cloud storage and computingStorage and analysis of of end-user data (in GCP servers located in North America)x
HasOffersCampaign trackingConversion tracking for CPA advertising campaignsx
HoneycombAnalyticsAnalytics for advertising campaignsx
HubSpotMarketing platformSubscription email manager for current or prospective business partnersx
LeanCOGConsultant firmConsulting services for Tapjoy’s Salesforce instancex
Machine AdvertisingFraud detectionFraud detection services across the Tapjoy publisher monetization networkx
NewRelicAnalyticsAnalytics for Tapjoy’s network infrastructurex
Oracle NetSuiteAccounting SaaSAccounting software (e.g., for amounts owed by or payable to Tapjoy’s business partners)x
PartnerHeroCustomer supportCustomer support for end-users x
SalesforceEnterprise CRMCustomer relationship manager for business partners and for provision of customer support to end usersxx
SlackCommunication platformBusiness productivity communication tool x
SplashMarketing platformEvent automation service used to track invitations and reservationsx
StripePayment processingPayment processing services (for advertising partners pre-paying by credit card)x
ZendeskCustomer supportTicketing system used in Tapjoy’s support systems for publisher monetization partnersx
ZoomCommunication platformVideo conferencing tools for Tapjoy employees contacting business partnersx
“End-User Data” refers generally to user device advertising IDs (IDFA, GAAID) and IP addresses; for users who submit Tapjoy customer support requests, End-User Data also includes the email address used by the user for communicating with Tapjoy customer support.
“Business Partner Data” refers to business contact information (e.g., name, email, and/or phone number) of advertiser or publisher monetization business partners’  employees who interact with Tapjoy on behalf of the advertiser or publisher that employs them.

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