What is a Currency Sale (For app publishers)


A Currency Sale is a limited-time promotion within the Offerwall that helps publishers to maximize their revenue in a short time. During a currency sale, app users have a chance to earn significantly higher amounts of virtual currency than usual for every offer on the Offerwall. While not always the case, currency sales generally align with holiday weekends to maximize the promotion when there are higher DAUs.

Advertisers are also keenly aware of currency sales and want to capitalize on the increased Offerwall engagement. To make their campaigns more attractive, many choose to temporarily increase their bids.

The combination of increased rewards and bids is the perfect match necessary to boost publisher revenue!

  • Our partners who participated in the currency sale saw 50-200% higher revenue.

80% of publishers already use currency sales to elevate their ad monetization and on average run 10-15 currency sales per year. You should consider participating in the upcoming currency sale and see its astonishing effect on the revenue yourself.

Here are a few success cases:

  1. https://www.tapjoy.com/casestudy/world-golf-tour/ 
  2. https://www.tapjoy.com/casestudy/offerwall-cooee-club/ 
  3. https://medium.com/tapjoy/monetization-best-practices-learn-how-battle-cats-achieved-4x-boost-in-ad-revenue-a0b32782dbb2 
  4. https://www.tapjoy.com/customersuccess/gear-games-customer-success/
  5. https://www.tapjoy.com/resources/monetization-best-practices-learn-how-battle-cats-achieved-4x-boost-in-ad-revenue/

Setting up the Currency sale is easy. You can either create your own currency sale or add it from the preset list.

How to participate?

Set up your first currency sale here.

  1. Go to Publisher Dashboard → Currency sale page.
  2. On this page, you will see and manage all the currency sales you’ll run. 

3. At the top you will see two buttons: 

  • Create Currency sale – use this button to set up a customized currency sale with your own dates.
  • Create from Preset – use this button to opt-in to the official Tapjoy currency sale schedule.

A preset currency sale schedule is a recommended and fast way to set up a currency sale. We curate the schedule based on our previous experience and successful cases of running currency sales with top-level publishers. We also align these dates with our Advertiser partners who want to capitalize on the increased engagement.

Using our preset schedule you can quickly add multiple preset dates to your currency sale list in a few clicks and secure participation ahead of time to the sales. 

  • The schedule includes both international and regional holidays and other key events. 
  • The time and dates of each currency sale, recommended targeting geos, and multiplier are already set by Tapjoy, but you have the option to edit.

How to use preset Currency sale?

  1. Click Create from Preset Schedule

2. Choose the currency sale you want to add to your account

3. Click Add to Currency Sale

Done! Now the currency sale will run automatically at the time you have set.

  • You need to choose Virtual currency and Platform if your account has more than one.
  • You can edit targeting, dates, or other details after adding currency sale to your account.

Want to create your own currency sale?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click Create Currency sale.
  2. Set and input all the essential information. Such as name, platform, currency, e.t.c.
  3. Choose the sale multiplier. 
    1. Ex: If you set it to 2X, users will receive a double amount of reward for every offer they complete.
  4. Set the targeting – What users do you want to target and provide a chance to receive more rewards? 
    1. Currently, there are 4 types of targeting available:
      1. All – target all available devices
      2. Content – target users who see particular content cards
      3. User segment – target particular user segment based on their behavior and other data. There are 5 types of user segments available: Basic, Cohort, Session, Purchase, Advertising behavior (see the table for more information)
      4. Upload Advertising ID

5. Click Submit to save your Currency sale.

Done! Now the currency sale will run automatically at the time you have set.

Tips from Tapjoy 

Use A/B testing to find out what message, targeting, and multiplier make more users convert.

Read more about how to set up an A/B test here.

For further questions please contact support@tapjoy.com. New users can request a demo and sign up for an account here.


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