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At Tapjoy, our primary goal is to help freemium app developers make more money. We built our leading Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform to do exactly that.

We’ve blended advanced analytics, data science and segmentation and paired them with a superior Marketing Automation and Ad Monetization Platform to deliver exceptional monetization for your freemium mobile apps.

It’s all free when you monetize your app with Tapjoy. This is not a starter or basic version. You are getting our total platform with its full power and features

Not monetizing with tapjoy?

If you are not monetizing with Tapjoy, pricing for analytics will apply.

MAU Cost
0-10,000 Free
10,001-1,000000 MAU x $0.01
1,000,000+ Enterprise Level

App developers who are not monetizing their non-paying users are leaving money on the table. Our Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform can help you predict who’s paying and who never will. And by confidently putting rewarded ads in front of your non-paying users, you’ll foster deeper engagement in your app AND generate an entirely new revenue stream. Simply agree to to monetize every month with Tapjoy and you pay nothing for the most advanced analytics and leading marketing automation platform for freemium mobile apps.

Picture the revenue you can create

This chart depicts the potential incremental revenue from putting ads in front of non-paying users in an app with 250,000 MAU. As the number of interstitial ads in the app increases, revenue can steadily rise to more than $37K/month.

Number of Interstitial Ads Monthly Incremental Ad Revenue
4 Interstitials $5,000
8 Interstitials $10,000
15 Interstitials $18,750
30 Interstitials $37,500

Conservative $5 eCPM example used for illustrative purposes only. Actual eCPMs are higher. Please talk to a Tapjoy account rep for current eCPM performance and to learn how to optimize eCPM based on ad placement and integration.

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