What happens to my case after I submit it?

After you submit a case, here are the steps that happen:

1. Confirmation email. Within a few minutes of submitting your support request through the app, we will send you an e-mail confirming we received it. Your e-mail will include your unique 8-digit Case Number in the subject line. Make sure to check your ‘Spam’ folder as sometimes our confirmation e-mails can end up there. If you did not receive your confirmation e-mail, please let us know under ‘Technical Issues’ in our FAQ form.

2. In-app Updates. Within a few minutes of receiving your case, we will update the offer on the Reward Status page with a ‘Requested’ tag (to navigate to the Reward Status page, follow the instructions here). To see more details, click the offer to reach the Reward Detail page. Under the ‘Status’ headline, you should see ‘Support Requested’, and under the ‘Contact Support’ headline, you will find your 8-digit Case Number, case status, e-mail, and Tapjoy User ID. You can see more information on what each case status means here.

3. Agent assignment. Next, our system assigns your case to an agent for review. If you do not get a response within the first 24 hours of submitting your case, you will receive a “check-in” e-mail letting you know that we are working on it. Review times can sometimes take longer if we need to work with the advertiser to verify your eligibility.

4. Agent review. Then, your case will be reviewed for validity of proof, eligibility, and other offer requirements. The agent may reach back out to you to request more information if needed. The review process can take up to 1-3 business days, or sometimes longer if we need to work with the advertiser to verify your eligibility.

5. Award or denial. If all looks good, you will be rewarded for the offer! This means Tapjoy’s systems signaled your app publisher to provide you the currency. If the reward is denied, the reason will be provided to you.

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