What do the ticket statuses mean?

A ticket status appears on an offer once you have submitted a request to our team to help investigate a rewarding issue. You will find the current status of your ticket under the ‘Contact Support’ section of the Reward Detail page in your app. Below are the guidelines on what each status means:

Waiting on customer service review – We have received your ticket and it is in our queue to be assigned to an agent.

Assigning – Your ticket is currently being assigned for an agent to review.

Waiting on customer service agent action – We’ve received your last e-mail and your ticket is waiting to be responded to by an agent.

Waiting on feedback from you – An agent reached out to you about next steps and we are waiting on a response from you.

Waiting on advertiser verification – Your ticket has been escalated to the advertiser to review and we are waiting on a determination from them.

Resolved – A determination has been made (reward or denial) and your ticket has been closed.

Closed due to Ban or Reward Blocked – Your reward has been rejected due to being banned from Tapjoy’s system (we have detected violations of Tapjoy’s Terms of Service – an FAQ on this coming soon!).

Reward Denied: Account Under Review – You have reached the limit on ticket submission (10) in a 24 hour period. If you need assistance, please submit your request on our FAQ form or reach out to us on Twitter.

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