What counts as proof of offer completion?

Proof of Purchase

If you purchased a product or service, please submit a copy of the confirmation email, the billing invoice, or the welcome email you received when you completed the offer. It’ll be different for each offer; here’s a sample proof of a purchase from Best Buy.

Proof of app download, or reaching the required level of gameplay

  • If you download and install an advertised app, please make sure to keep it open for at least two minutes.
  • If you download and install, and then close the app or shut off your device right away, then the advertiser’s systems will not register that you installed their app and completed the ad offer.
  • Make sure to take a screenshot of the required app or app level running on your device; this is your proof.
  • We contact the advertiser to verify your eligibility; we usually hear back within 5 business days so please hang in there!

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