Can I opt out of seeing Tapjoy ads on my phone?

No, not usually. Tapjoy ad services help make free-to-play apps possible: publishers place Tapjoy ad services in their apps to earn money through advertising and so their users can earn virtual currency rewards by engaging with ad offers.

If you are using a free-to-play app that includes advertising, you usually cannot opt-out of seeing advertising unless you upgrade to a paid, ad-free version (where available).

Users have the option of opting out of the use of data about their interaction with Tapjoy ads for behavioral targeting. Tapjoy uses ad interaction data to help predict what ad types are likely to be more (or less) interesting to which users. If you enable Limit Ad Tracking or otherwise opt out of targeted advertising use, your data will not be used for predicting your or other users’ interests; you will still see ads, but they will not be based on your predicted interests.

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