Why am I getting pop-up ads from Tapjoy? How can I make this stop?

Pop-up ads* are a violation of Tapjoy’s terms — if you are getting them, we want to know about it!

(*We mean ads popping up on your home screen, or otherwise appearing outside of an app. We’re not talking about the in-app video ads that pop up between levels, like TV commercial breaks — those are fine; in-app advertising helps make it possible for the developer to offer the app for free.)

If you are getting ads popping up on your home screen or in apps that don’t run advertising, please help us investigate: go to our form and select “Pop-Up Ads”. In the form, please provide your device ID (you can find where to locate this here) and a description of where/when the pop-up appears (i.e. does it appear when you are using a specific app?).

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