My reward was denied because ‘this app was installed for a different offer’. What does this mean?

An advertiser might have multiple offers running for the same app at the same time. You can only choose and be rewarded for one offer; once you have chosen and begun an offer, you will no longer be eligible for the other versions, even if you click on them later. For example, if you submitted a ticket for the ‘Reach Level 10 in Coin Master!’ offer but the advertiser determined that you most recently clicked on the ‘Reach Level 3 in Coin Master!’ offer, your ticket requesting the reward for ‘Reach Level 10’ will be denied because the app install is associated with the ‘Reach Level 3’ offer. If there is more than one offer live, the advertiser should include guidance in the offer instructions, such as ‘User will only be rewarded for completing one offer for this application, last clicked’. If you believe the instructions for a certain offer are unclear or incomplete, please help the community and report the offer through our FAQ form (select ‘Report an Offer’).

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