Offerwalls drive revenue and fuel the user journey by rewarding engagement. The format works in harmony with with IAPs and supports user retention. But some offerwalls deliver even more value – here’s what Tapjoy has to offer.

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#1: The Tapjoy Offerwall Drives Industry-Leading eCPMs

The Tapjoy Offerwall delivers industry-leading eCPMs for mobile developers. We work with top-tier brands to ensure that only quality offers land in front of your users, while also maximizing the value of every impression. Across both iOS and Android, Tapjoy partners can rely on consistent eCPMs which, according to some publishers, clock-in higher than those of other providers.

What the clients had to say

“With the integration of the Tapjoy offerwall, we experienced a significant boost in our revenue. Not only were the short-term offers well-received by players, the switch didn’t increase churn rate and DAU remained steady.”

Murad MusakaevProject Manager, Full HP Ltd

#2: We Provide Comprehensive User Support For Players

Reward queries and user disputes are handled by our dedicated Customer Support Team, freeing you to focus on what you do best — developing awesome apps and games.

Our Customer Support Team provides cross-functional support for users, advertisers, and publishers alike. We’re accessible across multiple channels, including a dedicated user support Twitter account, and our regularly-updated FAQ page. Customer support tickets can be launched directly from the Tapjoy Offerwall, and once assigned, each case will receive a response within 24 hours. We also give users the option to dispute a case once it has been closed from our Customer Resolution Center. Once a case has been disputed, one of our Senior Resolution Experts will review and identify a fair resolution within 5 working days.

In ONE CASE STUDY, mobile game publisher A Thinking Ape saw dramatic results after switching to the Tapjoy Offerwall.

What the clients had to say

“Switching to Tapjoy has all but eliminated user complaints when it comes to the offerwall. When issues do arise, Tapjoy’s customer support team is incredibly attentive to the needs of our players. The replies are always prompt, and the service ratings are excellent. Players are really happy with the entire experience.”

Caroline LeeMarketing Producer, A Thinking Ape

#3: Our Offerwall UI is Native, Customizable, and Fully-Integrated

The TaThe Tapjoy Offerwall is the only truly customizable option in the market. You can add a branded header image, customize colors, and design a unique virtual currency icon. We even take on the design in-house, leveraging our skilled Interplay Studio. In addition to this, all Tapjoy mobile web offers can be completed without leaving the app itself so that users can get back to the action without missing a be

What the Clients Had to say

“User experience is really important to us so having the ability to fully customize the offerwall to match our app’s design makes a world of difference. Their team designed a custom color scheme and made the header art, so there was no heavy lifting for us.”

Charlie HuhHead of Monetization, Tapas Media

#4: New Features Elevate The User Experience

We are constantly improving our UI, fine-tuning our offer instructions, developing more offer varieties, and introducing other features to enhance the user journey.

On the Tapjoy Offerwall, advertisers and publishers can customize the user experience with a range of dynamic features. Advertisers have the ability to optimize and A/B test offer instructions, choosing from a static image, gallery, or video. Meanwhile, publishers can set custom exchange rates and create currency sales — limited time promotions that incentivize offerwall engagement. Here’s how currency sales work: For a limited time, developers increase reward payouts to encourage users to complete extra offers. Publishers can run currency sales at any time, but they may also opt into any of Tapjoy’s scheduled seasonal currency sales throughout the year — generally around major US holiday weekends. In one case study, World Golf Tour multiplied rewards by 2X during 7 currency sale periods and saw an average revenue increase of 70% over non-sale periods.

In 2020, we released our latest offer type, Multi-Reward Cost Per Engagement (CPE), which rewards users at several stages within one single offer. Created with mobile UA advertisers in mind, this format encourages deeper app engagement and fosters long-term loyalty. Meanwhile, publishers derive considerable profit from these down funnel engagements.

Step 1

Users find your CPE ad when they visit the Tapjoy Offerwall.

Step 2

They select the CPE ad from a list of offers on the Tapjoy Offerwall.

Step 3

Users review ad instructions and complete engagements to earn currency.

Step Title

With an offer in process users check the status and see how much time is remaining.


#5: Engagement Correlates To Retention

In our recent study, we found that retention among Tapjoy Offerwall users is 2-3X higher than non-users at the 7, 14, and 30-day marks, proving that an app’s most loyal users enjoy rewarded offers. At the 14-day mark, Tapjoy Offerwall users showed 8.9% average retention, compared to 3.3% among non-uses. At the 30-day mark, Offerwall users averaged 4.4% retention, compared to 1.3% among non-users. From conversations with publishers, we’ve come to understand that the Tapjoy Offerwall is an integral part of the gaming experience for a subset of players.

Survey data from more than 16K Tapjoy Offerwall users further corroborates these findings. 45% of respondents said that if a mobile game suddenly removed its offerwall, they would stop playing after they ran out of virtual currency. In answer to the same question, another 30% said that they would continue to play without making an in-app purchase. These responses suggest that one key to retention could be providing a variety of entry points to premium in-app content.

What the Clients had to say

“Retention is a byproduct of making sure our users are having fun. At the end of the day, that fun factor is what keeps them coming back. Choosing the right monetization partner to enable as much gameplay as possible is a major part of that equation.”

Bryan DavisSenior VP, Big Blue Bubble

#6: Our Offerwall Complements the IAP Ecosystem

In the mobile app industry, IAP conversion benchmarks range considerably, but the consensus is always clear: The majority of app users are non-spenders. According to recent data from Liftoff, gaming apps have an average install-to-in-app-purchase ratio of just 12.3%. Apps with an IAP focus should consider adopting an auxiliary monetization strategy to serve non-spenders.

In a survey run in the Tapjoy Offerwall, 88% of users said they like having rewarded advertising options alongside IAP. Still, developers often ask how rewarded ads will impact their current IAP ecosystem. We dug deeper and found that just 4.7% of Tapjoy Offerwall users also convert on IAP, proving that IAP spenders belong to a different cohort. These two strategies serve different user segments, and are thus highly complementary.

This fact is underscored by the testimony of our partners: Across the board, Tapjoy publishers report an increase in total revenue following offerwall implementation and little-to-no IAP cannibalization. Some publishers even note that the Tapjoy Offerwall has a positive effect on IAP spend. The freemium model relies on a tiered system of value, and the offerwall acts as a “free trial,” giving users a preview of the premium experience.

What the Clients had to say

“We saw a positive correlation between the offerwall and IAP. Rewarded Ads give users a taste of everything the full IMVU experience has to offer. Any app that offers valuable add-ons would likely see the same results. The offerwall primes them to come back for more.”

Darren MarkovitzHead of Monetization, IMVU

#7: The Tapjoy Offerwall Has Been on the Marketing Longest

We’ve been in the market for over a decade, connecting the top app publishers with high-quality demand to drive profitability in the mobile app ecosystem. We also deliver proven results: To date, our network includes over 1 billion active users* per month across a vast network of mobile apps.

*MAU April 2020

#8: It’s Easy to Make the Switch…Here’s How

Every partner that works with Tapjoy is connected with a mobile monetization specialist on day-one to ensure a seamless integration and ongoing support. We’ll help you determine the best points in the gameplay loop to message users to visit the Offerwall, and how the entry point will function alongside your existing store. Our team can even help design the Offerwall UI and header image to match your game. If you’re currently using Tapjoy for Video the first 3 steps are already done!

Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Sign up for an account on the Tapjoy dashboard, or reach out to our team directly.
  2. Download and integrate the Tapjoy SDK.
  3. Add your app to the Tapjoy Dashboard, create your app’s virtual currency, and set your exchange rate.
  4. Create a placement and link offerwall content. From the “Monetization” page, click “Placements” > “Create Placement,” then “Create Content” > “Offerwall Content.” You can read more about placements and content here
  5. Test your new placement. Complete a test offer to confirm your integration is successful.
  6. Go live!

Ready to make the switch to Tapjoy? Get in touch — our team of mobile monetization specialists will assist you in your journey!

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