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Club Cooee Sees 3.6X Revenue Increase with Strategic Offerwall Placement



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Club Cooee


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Tapjoy Offerwall


Club Cooee, the self-proclaimed “best place to party online,” has hosted millions of users since the company’s founding in 2007. Part social network, part online metaverse complete with 3D avatars, the Club Cooee app lets people from around the world meet up in virtual chat rooms and take part in a number of activities. In late 2020, publisher Cooee implemented the Tapjoy Offerwall in the Club Cooee app. Using Tapjoy’s optimization features Cooee has seen great success with the offerwall. 


  • Drive Mobile App Ad Revenue
  • Increase Conversions

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Step 1: Optimize Offerwall Entry Point:

Initially, users had to make three taps and view three different screens before finding entry to the Tapjoy Offerwall. The flow was revised to two steps, and immediate traffic increases were observed.

Step 2: Strategic Messaging & Currency Sale

The next step to achieve Club Cooee’s goal of driving revenue was to take part in one of Tapjoy’s planned Currency Sales, this one was around Mother’s Day 2020. During holiday currency sales, advertisers’ campaign budgets are increased, and/or bids are raised to be more competitive. The increased offerwall engagement and demand strength are a perfect match. When used strategically, currency sales have been proven to generate an average lift of 20-80% in revenue and increase engagement beyond the sale period.

To optimize visibility of the currency sale, they employed strategic messaging throughout the app, using interstitial messages and push notifications to inform users of the sale. Tapjoy’s design team created graphics to accompany these messages.



Compared to the previous non-sale weekend, Cooee saw 3.6X more revenue and 4X more conversions. The combined impact of the UX optimizations, currency sale, and supporting messaging resulted in a dramatic increase in revenue and conversions.

3.6X Revenue Increase

4X More Conversions

What Club Cooee had to say

“Tapjoy Currency Sales provide a great way for us to boost ad revenue. In the last sale, we achieved an impressive 3.6x increase in revenue and a nearly 4x increase in conversion rate. Best of all we continue to see the positive effects on ad revenue in the aftermath of a sale too.”

Alexander JoriasCEO & Co-Founder, Club Cooee

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