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Huuuge Games increased scale by 81% and exceeds ROAS goal by 2X with Tapjoy Multi-Reward CPE Offers



Huuuge Games


Billionaire Casino,
Huuuge Casino, Stars Slots


United States


Cost Per Engagement (CPE), Multi-Reward CPE


With offices in 10 cities worldwide, Huuuge Games is one of the biggest social casino game developers in the mobile space. Like any mobile advertiser, Huuuge has an ongoing objective to grow its audience while maintaining positive ROAS. The studio teamed up with Tapjoy in 2015, since then Huuuge has managed to attract many high-LTV users and exceed growth goals in partnership with the network. 

As a forward-thinking mobile game advertiser, Huuuge has always been open to exploring new Tapjoy products. In 2018, the advertiser began testing Cost Per Engagement (CPE) campaigns and due to their success with the product, 100% of Huuuge campaigns through Tapjoy have moved to the CPE model. In late 2019, Tapjoy introduced Multi-Reward CPE offers which allows App Advertisers to condense multiple events through one single CPE ad in the Tapjoy Offerwall. Huuuge was one of the first advertisers to engage in beta testing. 


  • Exceed ROAS Goals
  • Increase volume and scale in key markets

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Huuuge Games began running CPE campaigns in 2018, they started by testing various events in their two most popular apps: Huuuge Casino and Billionaire Casino. At first, these campaigns used the completion of a certain level as the conversion event. Seeing positive results, Huuuge eventually began to run multiple offers for predetermined level events at the same time.

In late 2019, Huuuge began to test Tapjoy’s newest offer type: Multi Reward CPE. Multi-Reward aims to improve the experience for users, giving them more earning opportunities and streamlines campaign management for the app advertiser.

To complement the Multi-Reward functionality, Tapjoy also released a number of new offerwall features, including a visual progress bar to give users a clear idea of how much of the offer is left to complete, and A/B testing for offer instructions, all of which Huuuge has leveraged to continue to enhance user engagement with ad campaigns.



Since optimizing its CPE offers to Multi-Reward CPE in two of their apps, Huuuge has seen marked improvements against all measured goals. In the testing phase, the advertiser compared the performance of Multi-Reward CPE to its legacy CPE offers in one of their leading apps: Billionaire Casino.

The tests revealed that users were more likely to get started with Multi-Reward CPE over regular CPE offers. Billionaire Casino saw an 81% increase in install numbers when comparing Multi-Reward CPE to the legacy CPE offers exceeding D30 ROAS goals BY 200%

81% increase in app installs

200% D30 ROAS goal

What Huuuge Games had to say

“CPE is one of our most effective and high performing ad units when it comes to ROAS so we’re delighted to see continued investment in the product, especially when it comes to user experience. Multi-Reward CPE also allows us to scale our UA campaigns while reducing the number of live offers we have to manage day-to-day.”

Magda Z.Senior User Acquisition Manager, Huuuge Games

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