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Full HP Boosts Revenue By 30% After Switching To Tapjoy’s Offerwall



Full HP Ltd.


Blocky Cars, Mad GunZ, Fury Wars




Since 2015, Russian game developer and publisher Full HP has been creating mobile shooter titles like Blocky Cars and Mad GunZ. The studio has developed a healthy portfolio on both the iOS App Store and Google Play in just a few years.

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In 2019, Full HP switched to Tapjoy after running an A/B test with its existing offerwall provider which showed a lift in revenue and user preference for the Tapjoy offerwall.


• Boost Offerwall revenue

• Improve user experience



Full HP ran an A/B test with its existing offerwall provider and Tapjoy in 2019. The goal was to assess which offerwall users would prefer, and also measure the impact on ad revenue.

The results of the A/B test showed that Tapjoy had greater potential to drive more ad revenue and more importantly, Full HP found that users preferred the selection of offers on the Tapjoy offerwall leading them to switch offerwall providers.



With the Tapjoy offerwall in place, Full HP experienced a 30% boost in offerwall revenue, positive user feedback, no churn during the transition period or after and no increase in the volume of support requests due to Tapjoy’s built-in Customer Support service, any issues with rewards are handled on Tapjoy’s end.

30% revenue boost

ZERO churn or decrease in DAU

ZERO increase in support tickets

What the clients had to say

“With the integration of the Tapjoy offerwall, we experienced a significant boost in our revenue. Not only were the short-term offers well-received by players, the switch didn’t increase churn rate and DAU remained steady.”

Murad Musakaev Project Manager 

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